Realtime Aquaculture

- Cloud Based Portal Software


The aquaCurrent dashboard is a secure, intuitive, cloud-based portal that farmers can access anywhere in the world on their smartphone, tablet device or desktop computer. It creates easily customizable reports that help analyze the data collected from aquaMeasure sensors and provides valuable and essential insights into past and present water condition trends. AquaCurrent is a software platform that manages the performance of realtime equipment in the field and allows farmers to see the water conditions of their farms in realtime. Data is collected into a secure cloud-based system and can be accessed on demand from anywhere in the world using a web browser or smartphone. AquaCurrent allows users to to export data into third party Systems. It supports custom file downloads, including date-range selectable .csv and AKVA .SEN files. Data migration can also be done automatically via a restful API.

  • Web-based Time Dashboard
  • Communications Management
  • Cloud Data Management
  • CSV Download
  • Time-series Charts
  • Equipement Performance Management
  • Continuous Environmental Monitoring
  • Realtime Water Quality Monitoring
  • Optional External API for Communication
  • IP-Based Siren and Notification Capabilities

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