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FeedSync TMR is a mobile app for managing TMR rations and feeding on your dairy farm. FeedSync stores all of your ration information on a dry-matter per animal basis, then allows you to easily mix the right batch based on which pens you are feeding. Your mix will be adjusted with the most recent dry-matter or moisture entered for each ingredient, and the most recent count for animals in each pen.

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Loading and feeding screens mean you don't have to do math in your head while you are mixing your TMR. Mount your phone or tablet in your loader, and use the large onscreen buttons to cycle through the ingredients as you put them in the mixer or the pens as you deliver the feed. If you put a little extra of one ingredient in, just tap the plus button, and FeedSync will tell you what the scale should read when you are finished with the next ingredient.

Integration with BoviSync. FeedSync Pro will allow you to manage and share rations, ingredients and inventories, generate feeding reports, and automatically update pen counts from the FeedSync module in BoviSync. If you prefer, continue to manage your rations and pens exclusively on your phone or tablet completely free.

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