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Use Ranch Manager Equine software to improve your equine record keeping (horse/donkey) for your ranching operation. Horse record keeping features include adding horse pictures, detailed health and maintenance records, recording income and expenses, picture pedigree, recording horse traits and more. Ranch Manager allows you to record breeding in a handy breeding chart where you have a complete year's worth of breeding data on one easy to use screen. Track heat cycles, foaling dates, and other breeding data. Ranch Manager tracks horse identification and important events such as breeding, show and training records, veterinary care, worming, hoof trimming, dental checkups, and feedings. Ranch Manager is designed to maintain a complete history of your horse operation. Ranch Manager Software for your desktop is available in Windows and Macintosh platforms, including Windows 8 and Mac OS X.

For on the go, in the pasture or at a show, the Mobile Edition Software for iPhone syncs with the Ranch Manager Equine Desktop Edition using the RM Cloud. The Mobile Edition makes working and viewing equine records easier and more productive. We are here to help you take control of your horse records now!

Detailed Equine Records: (Screenshot)
Ranch Manager software provides characteristics such as breed, gender, sire, dam, birth date, birth weight, birth ease and more. Keep detailed notes and save pictures of each animal in your herd. Enter multiple ID tags for tracking purposes. Enter events that happen to the animal throughout its lifetime. Record an unlimited number of weights and more..

ID Tracking for Horses: (Screenshot)
Multiple IDs such as names, markings, registration numbers, passport, tattoos and microchips. Ranch Manager comes with an easy- to-use interface, allowing you to conform to the new industry standards. Country of origin is also recorded.

Rapid Data Entry: (Screenshot)
Ranch Manager allows you to enter multiple animals in a sequence at once. Establish a template animal, provide a starting ID number, ending ID number and any formatting you wish to be applied to the front and back. Record sale information which is great for buying a load of animals.  Get the basic information in up front, then quickly modify each animal after they have been created using the 'Browse' view.

Training and Showing Actions: (Screenshot)
Enter training data including progress, and allocate training costs for charge-back purposes.

Record the results of showing and competing with your horses. Ranch Manager allows you to track all the events that your animal participates in, with detailed notes. Event details and results can also be recorded.

Pasture and Location Management: (Screenshot)
Move your animals from one location to another and track there location history. Manage stallion exposure and make informed breeding decisions with automatic inbreed detection. Sketch out maps of any portion of your property and link them to animal holding areas. With the move of the mouse you can visually see which animals were in a location at a given time. Multiple views, make it easy for you to get the information you need about where your animals are located, and where they were located.

Keep Detailed Notes: (Screenshot)
Record notes on almost every type of record that can be recorded in Ranch Manager. From Animals, to Locations, to Owners and Contacts. An easy to use and common interface is used throughout the software to minimize the amount of time required to be productive.

Multiple Views of your Horses: (Screenshot)
With Ranch Manager viewing your herd could never be easier. Your herd is separated into major categories such as Foal Crop, Herd Mares, Herd Stallions, Herd Geldings, Animal Sales, Animal Search, and Unmanaged Animals. Each view gives the opportunity to view the animals in a list with various characteristics displayed, or use the pedigree and offspring views to discover an animal’s family tree. Drill into the set of offspring the animal is responsible for (including grandchildren, and beyond). Search for an animal or specific set of animals based on IDs and/or characteristics.

Analyze your Data: (Screenshot)
When numeric data is available in the Ranch Manager views that you customize, a handy analysis panel becomes available. Select animals in groups, and the analysis panel provides totals and averages for the group in addition to the totals and averages for the entire view.

Equine Gestation History:
Track an animal’s gestation history. When a breeding record is provided, Rancher's calendar will send a reminder when the mare is estimated to foal.

Income/Expenses Tracking: (Screenshot)
Record income and expenses into Ranch Manager. Print reports to ease tax preparation.

Ranchers Journal:
In conjunction with the calendar, the Rancher’s Journal allows you to keep a journal of your day-to-day activities on the ranch. This free-form area allows you to be expressive and organized.

In Place Help: (Screenshot)
Ranch Manager includes a comprehensive help system which takes you step by step through the most commonly executed tasks without requiring you to flip back and forth between the manual. The 'How Do I' help system is there when you need it, and gone when you don't.  The Getting Started and Tutorial are also useful tools.

Premises ID:
Ranch Manager has implemented a “Farm Identification” id (premises id) to track the location movements of your animals. Premises at birth, animal commingling, total premises history and the lifecycle history of the animal.

Breeding Worksheets: (Screenshot)
Keep track of all the breeding activities you have for an animal in a single place. Track a full year of breeding activities in a single worksheet. .
Customizable Reports and Views: (Screenshot)
Most views in Ranch Manager can be printed, and several views can be customized. Powerful features give analysis on screen, and then optionally print it for your records.

Robust Printing:
A large number of printing options are available to you. Almost every screen in the software can be printed to a report including the ones you customize. There are multiple printing options, in addition to printing the entire view, print animal details for selected animals; or just print the selected row. For further analysis you can print to an Excel spreadsheet.

Track Equine Events and Actions: (Screenshot 1, 2, 3, 4)
Add notes, record breeding, AI and Embryo Transplants, track animal deaths, sales, purchases, move goats, record pregnancy test results, apply treatments, weights and record scores. Use the custom event to record events and actions that are specific for your needs.

Advanced Search and Report Creation: (Screenshot)
With Ranch Manager's Animal Search capabilities easily find the animals that you are looking for. Search for animals by IDs and Characteristics or search for animals containing event information such as all animals treated with a certain vaccine over the past year (or any time period you wish). Search against any type of event over any time period or pull up the list of animals by location. Customize this view for custom reporting. Apply actions to the animals displayed in a search result, so if you run all the animals in the north pasture at the home place through the chute and vaccinate them you can easily pull up just those animals, select them all and record the vaccination just once.

Track Due Dates: (Screenshot)
Ranch Manager will track the expected foaling due dates for your horses, whether you pasture breed, AI or use Embryos. The equine program tracks estimated beginning and ending dates for each mare's foaling season based on the days the animal was exposed to one or more stallions in the same location. Estimated due dates are calculated when the breeding date is recorded (such as with AI and Embryos).  When a mare births, Ranch Manager calculates the expected sire based on breeding information provided.  

Feed Management: (Screenshot 1, 2)
Apply feeding plans to your locations and track the amount of food consumed by each animal. Ranch Manager will calculate the cost and amount of feed consumed by animals in the location where feed is applied, saving you a lot of math and providing valuable information.

ID Manifests:
Print out ID Manifests, which you can use at sales to identify your animals, or while you are out in your herd looking up animals. The ID Manifest report includes information such as animal ID, birth date, current tracking number, and more.

Pedigree Editor: (Screenshot)
Track and record unlimited generations. Print and View up to 6 generations at a time, or use the expanded pedigree tree, to view the animal's entire pedigree. Pictures can be linked into the pedigree.

Event Tracker: (Screenshot)
Any event that can happen to an animal you can track. Specific events supported include: animal sale, animal treatment (vaccinations, etc), artificial insemination/breeding, birth, training, showing and death. A custom event is available for you to enter any custom event information. Events automatically show up in the Rancher’s Calendar so you can easily keep a history of your operation. Enter a single event that affects multiple animals with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Breeding Planner: (Screenshot)
Ranch Manager helps you avoid placing herd mares with incompatible stallions. The breeding planner finds which sires will cause inbreeding with dams in your herd. Print the report to take with you to the corral when you are doing breeding planning.

Ranchers Calendar: (Screenshot)
The Rancher’s Calendar keeps you organized and informed about your operation. The calendar provides an invaluable historical catalog of what has transpired on your operation. View calendar by month, or drill down to a specific day. Add entries to your calendar with an easy-to-use interface. Hover the mouse over visual cues and receive detailed information without drilling down.

Sales Tracking and Reporting:
Easily track animals that you are planning to sell, get detailed reports based on sale activity. Reporting information is collected historically; view information based on average price, or total sales. Information can be filtered by animal age, gender, and ownership.  Print reports such as Animal details, Breeding Plan, ID manifest, current table screen, graphs (Total Sales by breed) and more.

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