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Milking Related Problems – Module 2.16

Within the parlour there is a daily occurrence of problems that if not dealt with in the correct manner, can have catastrophic consequences. It is important that delegates have a thorough knowledge of these problems and the correct procedures on how to deal with them.

Module Milking Related Problems
Module Reference 2.16
Level MEA2
Author Reaseheath College
Pre-requisites MEA1

Intended Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be able to:-

  • Have the ability to appreciate that within the working environment of the parlour the root cause of the problem may not be the machinery, but could be certain animals moving through the parlour.
  • Realise and deal with animals that are on penicillin and/or have mastitis and how to deal with the milk there after.
  • Understand the reasons animals have to be treated on an individual basis due to their behaviour; this is in relation to incomplete milking, milk let down etc.

Indicative Content

Links with animal heath and how the behaviour of certain animal is not contusive to the parlour, how this is controlled i.e. animal groupings, keeping problem animals last so time can be taken to control the milking.

Basic animal related problems within the parlour.

Common problems that occur within the parlour, vacuum loss pump failure etc.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Teaching and learning will include a mixture of formal lectures, practical activities along with self study packs where relevant.

Assessment Strategy

Assessment will be undertaken by a mixture of portfolio review, practical tests to assess knowledge and comprehension and multi choice exams to assess under pinning knowledge.

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