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  • Agricultural Dryers

  • Daika - Rice Dryers

    Daika - Rice Dryers

    Daika Rice Dryers have been perfected from many years of experience in the field of drying by Advanced Dryers Systems, Inc. (ADS) of Florida, USA. The technology used in Daika Dryers™ allows for the optimization of the drying thermodynamic cycle. Most dryers on the market today are based on the single principle of using heated air. This principle is fairly efficient when ambient air is relatively dry. However, when ambient air has high relative...

  • Daika - Model DDG 8000 - Peanut Dryer

    Daika - Model DDG 8000 - Peanut Dryer

    The Daika Model DDG 8000 is specifically designed for drying peanuts and seeds. It  takes humidity out of the drying air and uses a heat pump cycle to generate drying heat. Drying is faster with very low energy cost in the warm,  humid summer environment. The DDG 8000 dryer has a regular LPG back-up burner attached to supplement heat when needed.  During the drying season, about 80% of the drying can be done using the economical heat...

  • Tobacco Dryers

    Tobacco Dryers

    Tobacco drying is presently facing an adverse situation.  Drying barns must be retrofitted with heat exchangers that may use 25% or more propane which now costs more than before. To solve the problem, Advanced  Dryer Systems, Inc. (ADS), a leader in agricultural drying technology, has invented a new method for tobacco drying called Controlled Ventilation with Heat Recovery (CVHR).  Traditional dryers heat up air, blow the hot air...

  • Seed Dryers

    Seed Dryers

    Drying seeds has always been a delicate operation. Seeds need to be dried at a low temperature to preserve their vigor and their ability to germinate. In dry climates, the use of direct heat provides good quality seeds, but in humid climates, drying seeds with warm, wet air is a very time-consuming and energy intensive process. Advanced Dryer Systems, Inc. of Florida has invented a breakthrough system that combines two leading technologies,...