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  • Cages

  • Steel Tower Cage

    Steel Tower Cage

    The cage maintains the same features that the Steel Tower cage but it varies in measures and benefits adapting to new UE norm (chapter III, article 6). Adapted Specific Features to New European Norm :Nest Zone/ Hanger: 15 cm per bird/ Sand bath/ Device for nails cut.

  • Egg Collection System

    ARUAS offers different eggs collection, transport and classification systems.

  • Lift Egg Collection System

    Lift Egg Collection System

    This system works optimally for plants with many rows. It ensures enough flow to fill the cross egg conveyor.

  • Multitier Egg Collection System

    Multitier Egg Collection System

    This is the genuine ARUAS system. It is best to collect the whole row at the same time. Connecting the necessary rows ensures the egg flow.