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  • Timber Transport

  • Long Timber Vehicles

    Long Timber Vehicles

    DOLL is one of the world's best known manufacturers of vehicles for transporting long log timber. Hauling long and heavy logs on mountainous terrain, along narrow forest tracks and winding roads presents a challenge on a daily basis for hauliers, especially in Central Europe. DOLL offers a wide range of robust, versatile vehicles for such conditions and also a vehicle for combined long and short timber transport with the DOLL Multi.

  • Combination Tractors

    Combination Tractors

    The DOLL Multi allows users to transport long timber up to 21 m and short timber between 3 and 6 m. The advantage of hitching the self-steering trailer can be used during empty runs, which makes it very flexible in its use.

  • Offroad Vehicles

    Offroad Vehicles

    DOLL timber transport vehicles are not only used in Europe, but also in African and Asian tropical timber regions. These vehicles are robust and maintenance-friendly, ensuring that they meet climatic requirements and are suitable for local road conditions. They can be purchased directly from Oppenau or via a local partner. Partners purchase directly from DOLL and complete final assembly themselves while taking into account special regional...

  • Low Loader

    Low Loader

    DOLL low loaders are used when high, heavy or bulky goods, machines and systems need to be transported. Trailer load height and steering manoeuvrability are key when using such heavy haulage vehicles. The DOLL panther design clearly proves its advantages thanks to its 12-t axle with independent wheel suspension. The VARIO series features a time-tested design which allows customised vehicle configurations thanks to comprehensive options. Special...