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  • Heavy Haulage

  • Panther/VARIO - Semi Low-Loaders

    Panther/VARIO - Semi Low-Loaders

    DOLL semi low-loaders are designed for a variety of transport tasks. The vehicles are particularly used in heavy haulage transport logistics, in the construction industry, in system construction and in the energy industry. There are two different basic versions of trailers available for this product group. The innovative chassis technology DOLL panther provides various advantages with the divided 12 t axle and the individual suspension system. In the...

  • Timber Transport

  • Long Timber Vehicles

    Long Timber Vehicles

    The transport of long timber is one of the most demanding of all transportation tasks. Transporting log lengths of up to 22 m on forest tracks with steep gradients and lots of bends is a huge challenge. DOLL offers sophisticated transport solutions and an extensive product range. The basic components are the superstructure and the self-steering trailer. Besides the proven KOMPAKT and RATIO series there is the new 

  • Combination Tractors

    Combination Tractors

    Long timber up to a length of 21 m and short timber in lengths of 3 to 6 m can be transported with the DOLL Multi. By extending a draw pipe, the self-steering vehicle is turned into a semi-trailer. During empty runs, the advantages of mounting the self-steering vehicle can be used.

  • DOLL - Tree Trimmer

    DOLL - Tree Trimmer

    With the Tree Trimmer technology, felling trees and clearing work on roadsides and enclosed areas becomes much easier. The DOLL vehicle is an efficient solution that guarantees safe and fast work on highways, in inner city areas and close to motorways.

  • Logo Semi-Trailers

    Logo Semi-Trailers

    The LOGO series is designed for timber lengths up to 22 m. The names of the vehicle types are directed towards the maximum possible timber lengths; a LOGO 12 for example is suitable for transporting timber up to a length of 12 m.

  • Ground Support Equipment

  • DOLL - Recovery Vehicles

    DOLL - Recovery Vehicles

    DOLL recovery vehicles provide mobility: small aircraft and jets that cannot be manoeuvred or have had an accident are pulled free with the help of this system. The recovery vehicles are designed for aircraft with a wheel weight of up to 15 t and are deployed for all standard jets in the NATO fleet. They can be attached to the nose wheel or the main running gear and damaged wheels can be lifted without any problems.