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  • Backhoes

  • Cimarron-Northstar - Model Uat Series - Backhoe Thumbs

    Cimarron-Northstar - Model Uat Series - Backhoe Thumbs

    Universal Thumbs are designed to increase the productivity and versatility of your 3-Point and Subframe Backhoes, Skid-Steer Backhoes, Mini-Excavators and Commerical Backhoe Loaders. Ideal for landscapers and contractors. Dig and load with the same machine. These rugged built rigid thumbs are designed to do a wide range of material handling jobs such as: land clearing, demolition, brush removal, rock, railroad tie and pipe placement, loading and...

  • Wallenstein - Backhoes

    Wallenstein - Backhoes

    The two-part 4-point model specific subframe system absorbs the stress of heavy lifting. Working efficiently means working smoothly, digging and swinging in rhythm. Swinging the boom is controlled by cushioning hydraulic cylinders that reduce machine shake by slowing the boom as it reaches the furthest ends of the swing range.For contractors and landscapers that need to dig deep, but not in their pockets,the Ranchho GX920 makes the grade. The large...

  • Blades Scrapers Landscape Rakes

  • Bison  - Model T/LT & F Series - Blades

    Bison - Model T/LT & F Series - Blades

    T/TL Series blades are designed for tractors up to 55 hp. Choose between 4 to 8 feet wide moldboards.Ideal for light road maintenance, lawn care, gardening, and other light-duty landscaping applications.Blades can be used year-around for leveling ground, roadside clearing, and snow removal

  • Broadcasters

  • Model 102 Series - Edge and Gravity Drop Planter

    Model 102 Series - Edge and Gravity Drop Planter

    Each unit is designed to operate independently and is the most versatile planter available. Burch planters have the ability to handle seed gently and precisely without breaking or crushing. Each planter can be acquired in single or multiple rows with either runner or double-disc openers, the disc openers recommended for unprepared ground. Adapt the planter to your soil conditions and planting requirements with our wide range of available attachments...

  • Cultivation and Tillage

Products by McHale Engineering Limited

  • Integrated Baler Wrappers

  • Fusion  - Model 3 - Integrated Baler Wrappers

    Fusion - Model 3 - Integrated Baler Wrappers

    Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper consists of an 18 roller fixed chamber baler and an integrated vertical wrapping ring.Over the last 10 years, there has been constant pressure on Farmers and Contractors to reduce costs. In response to this McHale developed the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper, which combines two traditionally separate jobs; namely baling and bale wrapping and integrates them into a single operation, which can be done by one...

  • Fixed Chamber Round Balers

  • McHale - Model F5400  - Fixed Chamber Baler

    McHale - Model F5400 - Fixed Chamber Baler

    The McHale F5400 non-chopper round baler features a star shaped feed rotor to quickly and efficiently move the crop from the pick up into the bale chamber. This maximizes the baler performance and throughput.The F5400 non chopper round baler comes standard with the McHale Drop Floor Unblocking System, 50mm Bearings on the bale chamber, heavy-duty chains and a continuous oiling system.

  • Variable Chamber Round Balers

  • Model V660  - Variable Chamber Round Baler

    Model V660 - Variable Chamber Round Baler

    Variable Chamber Round Baler - Belt Baler.Built to last and developed on some of the world's most rugged terrain, the McHale range of round balers and round and square bale wrappers is known throughout the world for durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.As with all McHale machines, the V6 variable chamber round baler range(belt baler range) has been designed with the demands of today's farmer and contractor in mind.

  • Round Bale Wrappers

  • Model HS2000  - Round Bale Wrapper

    Model HS2000 - Round Bale Wrapper

    The McHale HS2000 high speed round bale wrapper brings high speed trailed and inline round bale wrapping to a new level!.The lift arm on the HS2000 round bale wrapper is designed to centre the bale and the wrapping table cradles the bale gently into the bale wrapping position. When the bale is in position on the HS2000 round bale wrapper the wrapping process commences with the two 750mm dispensers quickly wrapping the round bale. The all-weather cut...

  • Handling Equipment

  • Model 691  - Round Bale Handler

    Model 691 - Round Bale Handler

    The McHale round bale handler is a heavy duty handler with rotating rollers that have tine reinforcement. It can be used to carry one bale of silage or spike two bales of hay or straw. Simplicity, versatility and strength are the main features of the McHale 691 round bale handler. When the 691 round bale handler is transporting wrapped bales, two adjustable rollers powered by a double-acting hydraulic ram, close to cradle and carry the wrapped or...

  • Straw Blower & Bale Feeder Range

  • Model C460  - Straw Blower & Bale Feeder

    Model C460 - Straw Blower & Bale Feeder

    The McHale C460 can be used to distribute bedding material quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. The McHale C460 can also be used to feed round bales of silage. The McHale C460 bale feeder & straw blower is a versatile machine, which can be used for feeding short fibre silage and can also be used to easily distribute long fibre fodder such as hay and straw.

Products by METAL-FACH Sp. z o. o

  • Front Loaders

  • Shock  - Model T229 - Front Loader

    Shock - Model T229 - Front Loader

    A well placed center of gravity in the T229 front loader lowers the load on the shock absorbers of the tractor. Optimum angles of loading and unloading ensure work efficiency. The loader is equipped with a stabilizing frame. A modern frame EURO/SMS ensures quick and comfortable changing of accessories. Lifting capacity 1300/1600. Quick and easy connection of hydraulic hoses. Mounted with the use of bolts. The shock absorber dampens the shaking of the...

  • Model T466 - Front Loader

    Model T466 - Front Loader

    The T466 suspended loader is intended for lifting and unloading of big bags filled with fertilisers and for direct loading of the load body of fertiliser spreaders. The loader may be hitched to a tractor along with a fertiliser spreader. The loader is designed for coupling with Class 2 one-man tractors equipped with a driver’s cabin, a fully operational three point hitch and a power take-off shaft. Special adapters are available from the...

  • Front Loader Equipment

  • 700kg Bale Grab

    700kg Bale Grab

    Our bale grab is intended for the transport of straw, hay, and silage bales. It is equipped with one servomotor. The arms float meaning that the closing and the opening of the arms is independent of each other and at different speeds which allows for the grabbing of bales out of a stack without damaging the adjacent bales. A solid and reliable construction of the grabbing arms ensures safe transport of wrapped bales. Possibility of mounting...

  • Balers

  • Model Z562 - Baler

    Model Z562 - Baler

    Metal-Fach made Baler Z562 was the first domestic baler to use an innovative method of baler production, whose reliability and high degree of tightness of rolling (pressing) ensure a completely cylindrical rolling chamber. Thanks to this solution we obtain silage of very high quality (best conditions for silage).The use of 180 cm wide collector improves the efficiency of gathering, and the addition of mesh wrapper improves the efficiency up to...

  • Trailers

  • Barrow  - Model T930 – 6t - Trailer

    Barrow - Model T930 – 6t - Trailer

    The T930 barrow is a universal carrier for various materials (e.g. beetroots, wheat grains, sand, etc.). The trailer is unloaded manually or by tipping the load body to the rear. The body tips up to the right angle, which facilitates easy discharge. The machine is relatively short, which makes it manoeuvrable in tight corners. It also features a pneumatic brake system and a hydraulic system powered from the coupled tractor.

  • Manure Spreaders

  • Model  N267/1 – 6t - Manure Spreader

    Model N267/1 – 6t - Manure Spreader

    The N267/1 manure spreader with the loading capacity of 6T on a double suspension is equipped with a four drum vertical adapter tilted forward, which guarantees an even, wide spreading of manure. The drums spin in pairs in opposite directions ( looking from the rear of the machine – two right ones – counter clockwise, two left ones – clock wise). Every drum is balanced in order to reduce vibrations during operation. High quality...