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  • Model WL8132 - Economical Tunnel Greenhouse

    Model WL8132 - Economical Tunnel Greenhouse

    Framework: simple structure, easy installation and economical, made of anti-rust treated hot galvanized steel pipe. Single span growing can prevent cross infection of plant diseases and insect pests. Connections: all unions and junctions are made through iron fittings and connectors, no welding needed. Covering material: poly film with 150/200 micron thickness, UV-protected, 3-year warranty and 5-year life. Ventilation: manual rolling vent on...

  • Cooling System

    Cooling System

    PRINCIPLE: The air insidei the greenhouse drawn out by the fan, resulting irinegative pressure inside greenhouse, then the dry and hot air will be pulled into the greenhouse through the wet cooling pad, and bririgs in the cool steam. The steam then evaporates in the greenhouse, and absorbs the heat inside and drawn out by the fan, the temperature is at last reduced.