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  • Aciphylla Squarrosa

    Aciphylla Squarrosa

    Description Grows to 1 m tall to 1 m wide Spiky plant with very attractive shape and form. Has a spiny flower-stalk up to 2m tall. Makes an interesting landscape plant.  Great to deter burglars Prefers well drained soil Enjoys full sun to semi shade Coastal tolerant and frost tolerant New Zealand Native No. of PB3s in a carton:12.

  • Anementhale Lessoniana

    Anementhale Lessoniana

    Grows to 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide This forms a medium-sized mound of arching green leaves that turn to gold or orange for fall and winter. Cinnamon-brown flower spikes are produced in mid to late summer and remain attractive for many months. Nice as a container plant, for massing or as a small specimen. Happy in most soils Enjoys full sun to part shade Good in windy or coastal situations, is frost tolerant Native to New Zealand