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algae extraction Companies

  • Algea

    based in Kristiansund, NORWAY.



    Algea collects and processes the algae Ascophyllum nodosum to make seaweed extracts and phytocomplexes for use in agriculture. In Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, in one of the purest and unpolluted habitats in the world, we have been harvesting ...

    AlgeaFert Liquid - Liquid seaweed extract 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum

    AlgeaFert Liquid - Liquid seaweed extract 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum

    AlgeaFert Liquid is a liquid alkaline algae extract with the maximum content of nutritional elements. It contains 32% of algae extract in terms of weight/weight. Thanks to the ...

  • Flottweg SE

    based in Vilsbiburg, GERMANY.


    Flottweg SE

    Flottweg is one of the worldwide leading solution providers in the field of mechanical separation technology. Our decanters, disc stack centrifuges and belt presses exclusively manufactured in Germany are the preconditions for high efficiency in ...

  • Organiksa SA

    based in Bakırköy, TURKEY.

    Organiksa SA

    Our company as a Fertilizer Manufacturer works on the field of plant nutrition; Organomineral fertilizers, Chemical fertilizers, Leonardite Soil Conditioners. Organiksa Inc. began its operations in agriculture in 1991 as a member of Duman ...

    Black Diamond - Alga Sea Weed Extract Liquid

    Black Diamond - Alga Sea Weed Extract Liquid

    Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. Black Diamond Alga Sea Weed ...

  • Algae Technology Ventures

    based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA).

    Algae Technology Ventures

    Algae Technology Ventures offers algae strains and commercial growing, harvesting and extraction systems for the algae production industry. We also provide cost-effective project management consulting services to the algae industry. Our ...

  • CanaQuest

    based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    CanaQuest Medical Corp is engaged in the development of proprietary research and products utilizing cannabis oil combined with other botanical and nutraceutical extracts, including algae oil. Positive data from our research and pre-clinical trials ...

    Algae Dynamics - Cannabinoids Technology

    Algae Dynamics - Cannabinoids Technology

    Cannabis by itself has long been used for medical purposes and in recent decades has gained significant traction in becoming a common and preferred treatment for specific ailments. Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in North ...

  • TIMAC Agro Italia

    based in Ripalta Arpina, ITALY.

    TIMAC Agro Italia

    TIMAC AGRO is an industrial company specializing in soil improvers, plant and animal nutrition. For almost 60 years, TIMAC AGRO a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic and zootechnical solutions that ...

  • Chem IT Services GbR

    based in Würzburg, GERMANY.

    Chem IT Services GbR

    chem IT Services is providing scientific software, IT solutions and services primarily to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as to academic and government research centres. It is our objective and philosophy to offer high quality ...

  • Eco Protecta b.v.

    based in AZ Sexbierum, NETHERLANDS.

    Eco Protecta b.v.

    Eco Protecta is a business with innovative ideas that focuses on the production and marketing of biological and natural products. Eco Protecta is active on national and international levels for the marketing thereof with well-known partners and ...



    The (intensive) livestock farmer uses a lot of so-called fodder concentrate. This fodder concentrate comes partly from the third world. Since the mineral present in the organic part is not re-exported, it is then left to the countries (in particular ...

  • Algae Production Systems

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    Algae Production Systems

    The world of renewable energy is experiencing explosive growth. Algae Production Systems, Inc. was formed with the goal of producing and marketing turnkey, commercial scale, economically viable algae production systems. This growth will certainly ...

  • Algamo Ltd.

    based in Prague 4, CZECH REPUBLIC.

    Algamo Ltd.

    Algamo Ltd. was established in 2011. The company specializes in algae cultivation and subsequent active substances extraction. These active substances are used in cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry and in dietary supplements production. ...

    Algastin - Oleoresin

    Algastin - Oleoresin

    Astaxanthin extracted from algae offered in the form of oil with concentrations of 5% and ...

  • Vaki-Chim LTD

    based in Bulgaria, BULGARIA.

    Vaki-Chim LTD

    For more than 20 years, Vaki Chim Ltd. has approved itself as a renowned fertilizer company on the Bulgarian market in the field of agrarian sector. By working closely with large fertilizer manufacturers, Vaki Chim Ltd. imports and distributes a ...

    Vaki-Chim LTD - Fertilizers

    Vaki-Chim LTD - Fertilizers

    and algae extract. We are looking for business partners in ...

  • Greensea

    based in Mèze, FRANCE.


    In the context of protection of a unique environment, and thanks to the vision and work of Yves Pietrasanta (Mayor of Mèze and President of the Languedoc-Roussillon region at that time) the year 1981 saw the inauguration of the first lagoon facility ...

  • Algenol Biotech

    based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA).

    Algenol Biotech

    Algenol Biotech is a global industrial biotechnology company that offers leading edge capabilities in algae product development and manufacturing. Our total algae platform is built on over a decade of experience cultivating and processing multiple ...

    Algenol - Natural Colorants

    Algenol - Natural Colorants

    Algenol’s patented technology utilizes our algae production platform to produce spirulina and spirulina extracts, including Phycocyanin (PC). We are your contract resource to develop other colors from ...

  • BioProcess Algae, LLC

    based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA).

    BioProcess Algae, LLC

    BioProcess Algae, LLC designs, builds, and operates commercial scale bioreactors that enable efficient conversion of light and CO2 into high value microbial feedstock. BioProcess Algae LLC is focused on fulfilling feedstock needs in the animal feeds ...



    Chemical feedstocks represent an intermediate step in the cost curve, and extracted oils from the Company’s algae can serve as 'drop-in' replacements for conventional chemicals ...

  • Ad Terram BV

    based in Andijk, NETHERLANDS.

    Ad Terram BV

    Ad Terram is an innovative company focussing on the research of technologies and own developed organic treatment products in the agriculture sector. We are making products who will help the environment and our planet. We believe that with new ...

    Optimum - Leaf Nutritional Supplements

    Optimum - Leaf Nutritional Supplements

    Plant and algae extracts can be used as nutritional supplements in agriculture and horticulture to increase plant growth and yield. OPTIMUM LEAF applications help the plant to get improved leaf gas exchange ...

  • National Alliance For Advanced Biofuels and Bio-Products (NAABB)

    based in NEW MEXICO (USA).

    National Alliance For Advanced Biofuels and Bio-Products (NAABB)

    The overall goal of the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts consortium is to produce new technologies that can be implemented by our commercial partners and others developing the algal biofuel industry. In order to achieve this ...

    NAABB - Agricultural CoProducts

    NAABB - Agricultural CoProducts

    The NAABB Coproduct development program will add profitability and flexibility to the overall changes in the biofuels markets. We are developing coproducts inlarge scale marketable livestock and mariculture feed, through the production of ...

  • Ficosterra

    based in Madrid, SPAIN.


    Ficosterra is a marine biotechnology company servicing agriculture and the environment. We combine algae with microorganisms in order to apply the use of natural resources from the sea to the fields of agriculture and the environment. Our name comes ...

    Ficosagro - Biological Soil Activator

    Ficosagro - Biological Soil Activator

    Biological soil activator with extracts of regenerative algae and microorganisms.It is the base of the BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology that increases the population of microorganisms which are beneficial to ...

  • Qingdao Camef Technology & Development Co., Ltd.

    based in Qingdao, CHINA.

    Qingdao Camef Technology & Development Co., Ltd.

    Qingdao Camef Technology & Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, the manufacturer and exporter of Seaweed Extract Products, include Seaweed Extract Liquid/Powder as raw material, Seaweed Extract Fertilizer and other Functional Promoter. We have ...

    Camef - Seaweed Extract Chelated Calcium Fertilizer

    Camef - Seaweed Extract Chelated Calcium Fertilizer

    Enzyme-assisted extraction of low molecular algae and calcium chelation, can directly penetrate into the plant phloem and xylem, double channel into the plant to make calcium efficient and ...

  • AlgEternal Technologies, LLC

    based in La Grange, TEXAS (USA).

    AlgEternal Technologies, LLC

    We get microalgae to do what they`ve been doing for over 2.5 billion years, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social and economic benefits for humankind. We are a vertically-integrated producer of non-fuel high value products ...

    AlgEternal - Superior Harvesting Technology

    AlgEternal - Superior Harvesting Technology

    AlgEternal has selected the OriginClear* Algae Harvester as its primary technology for harvesting algae. One of the critical steps in the microalgae business is getting the algae out of the liquid ...

  • Algatek

    based in Asturias, SPAIN.


    After 7 years of research, Algatek has developed and patented a new type of bioreactor, the Algatek Algae Accelerator (AAA), to be operated in indoor production facilities to shield the algae from certain sun spectrums that are detrimental to the ...

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