RotoShear is a family owned and Canadian based manufacturer of a high quality vertical crop cutter adaptable to all swather and combine header boards. RotoShear was developed in partnership with local producers, and extensively field tested to bring you the best product possible. RotoShear owners know that when harvesting lodged or tangled crops like canola and peas, this is an essential piece of equipment that they would never be without again. When time matters most, RotoShear has proven itself to be dependable in the toughest harvests, cutting through tangled and lodged crops with speed and efficiency. Not only does RotoShear allow producers to be more profitable, but many happy customers report that it is a joy to use. The simplicity and quality of the design makes it essentially maintenance-free. RotoShear customers declare that it is the most durable and reliable crop cutter they have ever used, outperforming everything else on the market.

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100 Bourgault Drive , St. Brieux , SK T0B 1N0 Canada

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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RotoShear’s new manufacturing facility occupies over 6,300 square feet in Forestburg, Alberta, Canada.  From this facility, RotoShear are shipped to a growing network of over 300 dealers throughout Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Our History

RotoShear is the brain-child of Merlin Badry, a farmer turned business owner and entrepreneur serving the agricultural community in Forestburg, Alberta, Canada.  RotoShear is the result of collaboration with local producers who were frustrated with existing reciprocal and chain-based products on the market.  With a love of design and a keen eye for problem solving, Merlin was eager to take on the challenge.  The first RotoShear prototype was field tested in 1999.  For the past 14 years the RotoShear vertical crop cutter has been rapidly changing the experience of canola and lodged crop harvesting for producers across Canada, the USA and in overseas markets.