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  • Silage Science and Technology

    Silage Science and Technology

    No other silage book can compare with this detailed coverage, including in-depth discussions of silage microbiology, biochemistry, assessing quality, preharvest and postharvest factors, use of additives, harvesting, storage, feeding, whole-farm management, as well as a global scope. Individual chapters are devoted to the production, preservation, and feeding of specific crops. The final chapter conveniently integrates information from the ...

  • Corn Silage Production, Management, and Feeding

    Corn Silage Production, Management, and Feeding

    Designed especially for growers and extension agents, this four-color guide focuses on three main areas-production, harvest and storage, and feeding silage. The purpose of this publication is to provide the most recent information on cost effective, safe, and environmentally sound ways to produce and use high quality corn silage.