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Southern Turf Products was established in March of 2010. It was opened in a time when the economy was still very unstable, coming out of one of the country's worst recessions. Some people would say we were dillusional to think we could open a business in this time of economic crisis. However, we saw a need for an outdoor power equipment dealer, in an area that needed a fresh face. We also saw opportunity in a community called Chattanooga, TN. This community is seeing huge strides in economic gains. Chattanooga has become one of the nation's premier places for new industry and business. Just the same, Southern Turf Products looks to become one of the nation's premier outdoor equipment dealers. So, come see for yourself, why Southern Turf Products' is already Chattanooga's Lawnmower Superstore!

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3703 Powers Court , Chattanooga , Tennessee 37416 USA

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This business was founded on this principle, first class service for first class products. As the owner, I have owned a successful landscaping and irrigation business in a nearby community, so I have been on our customers side of the counter very recently. We want our customers to know that the products we sell would be the products we would buy if we were the customer. More importantly in the case of getting that product serviced we run our service department as the center of our business. We have one shot in most cases to get it right and we WILL get it right. I am very involved in the daily operation of my business and if you ever feel like you are not getting treated the way you would treat somebody, do not hesitate to let ME know. I cannot fix the problem, if I do not know about it! We want to keep your business, no matter what it takes.