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  • Potting Soil

  • Coco Peat

    Coco Peat

    Our potting soil mixes and substrates can consist of different raw materials, each with their own specific characteristics. Coco peat is one of them. Coco peat is made from coconut husks. For fine substrates we use coir, which is a by-product of the fibre industry, and the coarser substrates are made by cutting up the husk. Coco peat is naturally airy and absorbs water easily.

  • Rooting Media

  • Fibre-Neth - Coco Peat & Binder

    Fibre-Neth - Coco Peat & Binder

    Fibre-Neth is a high quality rooting medium suitable for a wide range of products. Fibre-Neth plugs mainly consist of coco peat and a binder. Fibre-Neth plugs retain their compact form which, combined with the unique characteristics of coco peat, ensures a high air content. Due to their unique properties, Fibre-Neth plugs can be controlled well, ensure fast rooting, optimal root development, and can be planted quickly.

  • Substrate Slabs

  • Forteco - Model Basic - Coco Slabs

    Forteco - Model Basic - Coco Slabs

    Forteco coco slabs are completely 'ready to use'. Drainage slits and plant holes are pre-cut and dripper holes are drilled. Coco slabs have a high air-holding capacity, which affords good drainage capacity and excellent crop management. Plants root very easily in coco slabs due to their unique air/water ratio and the roots are distributed throughout the entire substrate.

  • Pressed Coco Products

  • Coco Compact

    Coco Compact

    Coco Compact can be made from coco peat with varying degrees of coarseness. This product makes excellent use of the good physical characteristics of coco peat. Coco Compact is suitable for propagating and growing various types of floriculture crops. Coco Compact can be processed easily and expands rapidly.

  • Coco Discs

    Coco Discs

    Coco discs can be made from different types of coarse coco peat; Profit and Maximum. Coco discs can be used for various crops, but particularly outstanding results can be achieved in gerbera cultivation. The discs are easy to use and expand rapidly. The excellent physical characteristics are comparable with those of loose Profit and Maximum coco material.