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Cattle Crushes equipment for Livestock

  • Premium

    KAHL - Crushing Roller Mill

    Our crushing roller mill is used for crushing natural food and feed mixtures. The two counter-rotating rollers crush the respective product so that small particles are produced with low fines content.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Machines - Grinding/Crushing/Rolling Product line

  • IAE - Model A1000 Squeeze - Cattle Crush

    IAE’s A1000 Squeeze crush has all the features of the A1000 professional range cattle crush but with the addition of squeeze sides. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing cattle crushes we know our new A1000 squeeze crush has many unique features, is easy to use and we believe probably the best available in today’s market ...

    By IAE based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Crushes Product line

  • Pasdelou - Model PG100 11 17 - Cattle Squeeze Crush

    When fitted with yoke PCCM, this crush has a road transport width of 3.15 m: this is achieved by removing the support arm and folding the baulk gates of the yoke PCCM. For transport by road, you must corder the cattle crush or mobipac warning markings kit containing lightsand reflective plates, code PG100 11 17 This kit also gives better warning ...

    By Pasdelou Galva based in COULANS-SUR-GEE, FRANCE. from Handling and Hoof Care Crushes Product line

  • Fesma - Model FK1 - Squeeze Crush

    FK1- sliding gates in the front and back, higher or lower sheet metal sides. Can be (or is) equipped with an anti-reverse movement system.

    By Fesma Alu OÜ based in Alu alevik, ESTONIA. from Beef Cattle Squeeze Crushes Product line

  • Model 3 - Single File Chute

    Selector gates in the crowd pen direct cattle into either the single file chute toward the squeeze chute (crush), to the large truck (lorry) loading ramp, or into a stock (utility) trailer chute. This facility also has a single file chute leading to a row of palpation chutes for students to practice palpating cows for pregnancy testing, or for ...

    By Grandin Livestock Handling Systems Inc based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Feedyard Cattle Handling Systems Product line

  • Cattle Squeeze Crushes

    This Crush is the ultimate in cattle handling. The Crush sides squeeze the animal, as the sides come in they also lift to prevent any damage to the animal's feet. The Crush is available as a manual squeeze operated with a dual action hand pump. Also available to operate by remote control through an electro hydraulic pump (as shown). This operates ...

    By LivestockEquipment.Co.UK based in N. Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Handling Equipment Product line

  • Rollover Cattle Foot Trimming Crush

    Crush transported on 3 point linkage or fork lift from all four sides. Operators platform folds up in transport.

    By LivestockEquipment.Co.UK based in N. Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Handling Equipment Product line

  • Q-Catch - Model 46 Series - Cattle Crush

    The Q-Catch 46 Series cattle crush is a cost-effective solution for the smaller cattle producer. The simple and efficient design of the 46 Series allows smaller operations to increase their productivity by providing excellent access, smooth catches, and one-man operation to cattle producers of any size.

    By Arrow Farmquip based in Tamworth, AUSTRALIA. from Cattle Crushes, Cattle Yards & Equipment - Cattle Crush Lineup Product line

  • Warrior - Galvanised

    The Warrior is another basic entry level crush complete with a traditional yoke. This crush is designed for slightly larger herds for light use such as inspection, drenching, tagging etc.Yoke Features* Adjustable neck yoke allowing four settings for widths from 100 to 250mm* Yoke operating mechanism supplied as right hand, but can be easily ...

    By McVeigh Parker fencing based in Reading, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Crushes Product line

  • IAE - Model Crusader Plus - Cattle Crush

    The Crusader Plus Cattle Crush is now the only cattle crush in our range to feature our saloon door manually operated traditional lever type yoke at the front of the crush.

    By IAE based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural Product line

  • Q-Power - Model 106 Series - Hydraulic Cattle Crush

    The Q-Power 106 hydraulic cattle crush is our quietest hydraulic crush ever. From poly bushed pivots and latches to rubber floors, everything in this crush is designed to be silent. The redesigned 106 Series emerges from the most innovative range of Arrowquip cattle handling products, bringing unparalleled access, unrivalled efficiency and ...

    By Arrow Farmquip based in Tamworth, AUSTRALIA. from Hydraulic Cattle Crushes Product line

  • Full Cattle Handling Systems

    The alley width can be adjusted using a screw jack to stop calves turning round. A no-back bar prevents cattle from backing out. Its height can be adjusted and is best set to 6 inches below the top of the tail head of the beasts being handled. An additional aluminium tailgate (like that on the Squeeze Crush) is also available for the back of the ...

    By American Squeeze Crush Systems Ltd. based in Aldborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 510-12 - Ambassador Yoke Gate

    This yoke is used on the front of our Ambassador crush. Designed for all variety of breeds including horned due to the unique yoke, which squeezes in simultaneously from each side and is adjustable before or during entrapment. N.B. Has removable panels to allow addition of chin scoop

    By LM Bateman & Co. Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Cattle Handling Product line

  • Model 5m - Mobile Cattle Crush

    Mobile Cattle Crush5m Mobile Cattle Handler complete with Automatic head yoke and fully retractable drawbar. Mobile race can be set up in working position in 5 minutes. Tractor hydraulic coupling to lower and raise into working and transport position. Also supplied with a hand hydraulic pump for use with non hydraulic vehicles, such as Land Rover ...

    By Portequip Limited based in Newton Stewart, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Products Product line

  • Model Mini - Mobile Cattle Handler

    This Crush is a smaller version of our now well established Mobile Cattle Handler . Easily towed by 4x4 vehilce and is available with overrun breaks and lights. The Crush is full access and variable in width to suit all sizes of cattle from calves to adults. Hurdles can be carried in the Crush. Foot trimming is available, also a cattle head scoop.

    By LivestockEquipment.Co.UK based in N. Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Handling Equipment Product line

  • Nugent - Side Head Locking Gate

    Simple movement of 1 lever brings 2 side bars in from each side to calmly and gently restrain the animal. Perfect for lively animals as well as dairy and pedigree livestock. Front cage provides safety for the operator. The unique backing frame construction means this crush gate can be easily fitted to any cattle run. Fully Hot Dip Galvanised.

    By Nugent Engineering based in Tyrone, UNITED KINGDOM. from Head Locking Gate Product line

  • Morris - Beef Cattle Crush

    A robust, heavy duty crush providing excellent general handling facilities. With good access, gates front and rear and the tried and tested morris Yoke with front and rear yoke levers this crush is a pleasure to work with. The height adjustable clipping bar gives three operating positions is removable.

    By Morris Livestock Handling Equipment based in Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Individual Animal Scales

    Central City Scales Inc. Livestock Scales are a fast economical process to weigh livestock. We offer a 3' x 8' livestock scale for weighing individual animals.  The scale system acuracy is 99.75%.  In practical weighing applications with animal movement, the system is 99.5%

    By Central City Scale, Inc. based in NEBRASKA (USA). from Livestock Scales Product line

  • Pasdelou - 4 Side Gate Cattle Handling Crush

    This crush has a road transport width of 2.55 m: this is achieved by removing of the nose clip attachment arm of yoke PCCM and foldingof the baulk gates for the PCCM model. The panel holder must also be attached on the opposite side to the yoke neck width adjustment handle. Failing this, it will be necessary to order the optional cattle crush or ...

    By Pasdelou Galva based in COULANS-SUR-GEE, FRANCE. from Handling and Hoof Care Crushes Product line

  • Unistock - Model MK1 - Cattle Crate

    The Unistock Cattle Crate MK1 is a substantially built cattle crush with simple and practical lines, completely eliminating the traditional clutter and obstructions of old fashioned crushes. Fitted with either the standard Unistock Cattle Headgate or the new Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate, this cattle crush offers an ideal solution to ...

    By Premier Livestock Handling based in Dalbeattie, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Crates and Head Gates Product line

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