- Arctic Charr Eggs


Troutlodge is pleased to offer Arctic charr eggs to our customers around the world.  As demand for this superior finfish product continues to grow, Troutlodge is pleased to be at the forefront of development and commercialization of high-quality and affordable eggs for efficient and profitable farming of this species. 

Troutlodge charr eggs are produced at our Rochester, Washington and Hood River, Oregon facilities. Troutlodge charr eggs demonstrate superior growth and uniformity, and demand for these eggs continues to quickly grow. These eggs are available as diploid and triploid, and are available once per year in late-November and early-December. We are planning to expand this season into the spring in 2014. In addition, Troutlodge is proud to serve as the authorized representative for Icy Waters Yukon GoldTM Arctic Charr eggs for our domestic customers and international customers alike. Yukon GoldTM eggs result in a superior finfish product which commands a premium price in the marketplace. Yukon GoldTM Arctic Charr have been developed by Icy Waters over the past 20 years, and have demonstrated superior growth rates and survival rates, and an ability to grow to larger sizes. All Yukon GoldTM Arctic Charr eggs are sterile, and are shipped directly from Icy Waters facilities in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. These eggs are available two times per year in November/December and May/June. You can learn more about these eggs through the FAQ's below or through the brochure found in the Relevant Info section to your right.

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