Arcusin S.A

- Model GT - Shaker


Shaker for the collection of all types of nuts and olives

The best work partner

  • Undisputed leader in the shaker equipment sector (for trees from 10 to 40 cm in diameter)
  • Advanced technology, mobility and adaptability.
  • A single operator with a tractor is all that is needed to produce high yields.
  • For the maximum pick at the minimum cost. The fruit is left clean, undamaged and ready for sale or subsequent processing.
  • The machine acts directly on the tree trunk.
  • Can be used to harvest both olives and all types of nuts.
  • Can be adapted to shake all types of tree in all kinds of orchard.
  • Full shaking coverage.
  • Optional “inverted umbrella” kit.

Shaking head and clamp

The head is the part of the machine that must silently transmit the vibrations that shake the tree which are generated by an eccentric mass.

The adjustable clamp can be used with both young trees (> 8 cm to < 25 cm) and adult ones (> 25 to 45 cm). The maximum aperture of the clamp is 51.5 cm.

Eccentric mass with 6 adjustable positions in order to vary the amplitude of the vibration.

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