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Bioponic Farming

Bioponic farming produces quality wholesome food that is full of flavour and nutrition essential for the human body. Edible plants grown with bioponics have shown higher levels of nutrients and minerals than hydroponic cultivation and some organic produce.


Bioponics is a proven farming technique originally developed in the USA where luxury levels of essential organic minerals and enzymes are provided to plants in combination with a select range of living microbes and bacteria that are normally found in only the healthiest of farming soils.

The result is plants having truly optimum growing conditions and in return producing harvests that have the maximum nutritional and flavour potential for our natural heatlh and wellbeing.

In recent years, nutritional science has found that high nitrate and low mineral levels in the human body are a major cause of many health problems, including many mental and cardio vascular diseases. Unfortunately, food with high nitrate levels and low mineral content is a common result of modern farming methods in use since the 1950s in both open-field and hydroponic horticulture.

Vertical Farm Systems has adopted this proven biological farming technique known as bioponics, so that crops can be produced with significantly increased levels of nutrients and minerals that the human body needs for optimum health and performance.

While it all sounds very technical, the science behind bioponics is quite simple. It is essentially the practice of combining biologically active microbes with the very best organic nutrients and hydroponic farming techniques. Both hydroponic and organic farming techniques have their benefits and challenges, but bioponics is able to combine the best of both.


Bioponic farming has many advantages:

  • High levels of nutrition and minerals. 
  • No use of chemicals and pesticides.
  • Reduced water usage.
  • High crop yields in reduced growing areas.
  • Competitive advantage for commercial growers.

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