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- Model DL-4400 - Classic Slasher Saw


The DL-4400 has what CSI calls a DOG LEG (DL) style saw box which gives the loader operator a better view plus more grapple room when pulling the tree stems up for the next cut. It is built from high strength tube and alloy steel by skilled workers to create a machine that is strong and durable. New innovations such as four larger 3/4 inch bar mounting bolts and a hydraulic cushion bar stop help maximize bar speeds. A one turn cam type chain adjuster makes adjusting chain tension fast and simple. These features, along with our auto adjusting feed system which maintains the fastest cutting speed at all times, makes the DL- 4400 a CLASSIC and the leader in bar and chain slashers.


  • Length: 13'-10' (166')
  • Width: 7'-11' (95')
  • Weight: 3,220 lbs.
  • Height: 7'-4' (88')

Standard Equipment:

  • 59' saw bar
  • Automatic chain oiler with four gallon tank capacity

Saw Box Options:

  • Right-hand
  • Left-hand
  • Reversible

Saw Buck Options:

  • Straight
  • V-buck
    • Both options may also be stair-stepped.

Chassis Options:

  • Standard 12' Chassis
  • Extended
    • Folding
    • Stacking
  • Custom

Additional Options:

  • Wheels and Tongue
  • Hydraulic Butt Board

Other notes:

  • Hydraulics require
  • 50 to 100 GPM @ 2000 to 2500 PSI
  • PSI ratings are minimum and maximum

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