- Model HBR & PR - Rotary Milking System



DeLaval is at the cutting edge of rotary milking systems with more experience than anyone else on the market. Our first rotary parlour dates back to 1930. DeLaval rotary systems are among the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available to the modern dairy farmer.

We offer a full range of herringbone and parallel rotary solutions:

DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR: The milker is inside the rotary with a full view and control of all the cows during milking. A smooth entry and exit design keeps the cows in a constant flow for the best milking routine.

DeLaval parallel rotary PR1100andPR2100: Designed to achieve high milking performance and optimise labour efficiency. This range varies from a simple pipe bail to full cabinets that protect the user interface and ensures maximum comfort for milkers and cows.

DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD: Our heavy-duty rotary platform, engineered for large herds that need to run non-stop all day every day. The highest quality in every single detail makes it the most robust and reliable system on the market.

All our rotary solutions help you optimise a herd's milking performance, keeping operational and labour costs down. At the same time they provide a comfortable and safe environment for both cows and operators.

  • Comprehensive range of solutions and options
  • Cows come to the operator allowing for a smooth milking routine at a constant pace with maximum efficiency and comfort
  • Efficient operation leading to reduced labour costs
  • Great cow comfort and stress-free milking for optimum milk let-down
  • Flexible solutions. Possible to set different levels of automation 
  • Solutions for small and large herds all the way up to full day milking operations

These durable rotary parlours are designed to be energy-efficient and future-proof making them a profitable investment for any dairy farm.

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