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Farm King - Conventional Auger


Farm King has been building a wide range of grain handling equipment for decades. These grain augers have endured rigorous testing on farms across North America and have been refined to represent durability, reliability and value. Several sizes and lengths are available, with various drive options and numerous built-in features.

Well-designed, well-built
The gearbox, featuring left- or right-side drive, is positioned to allow the auger to reach deeper into the bin. The ductile casting houses quality oil seals, ball bearings and casehardened, forged gears, meaning the auger runs smoothly and requires less power. 8', 10' and 13' models are available with an optional reverse shift gearbox. Double flighting intake has a brass bushing on all conventional auger intake guards.

The narrow safety guard and removable clevis hitch improve access to bins with small auger ports. A storage bracket holds the clevis hitch when not in use.

Drive options
Several drive options are available, including direct PTO, belt-drive PTO, gas engine drive, and electric motor drive matched to a belt or direct drive. Belt-drive engine models are equipped with a self-leveling motor mount and a self-tensioning belt system. Belt guards are included.

The top drive is housed in a sealed oil bath and features a chain-tightener. The components in the sealed oil bath are resistant to heat, dust, debris and moisture, reducing maintenance and enhancing the longevity of the chain and sprockets. The top drive uses #60 roller chain on most 8' models, while #80 roller chain is used on the 861, 10' and 13' models.

From the ground up
The wide stance of the undercarriage improves stability and is constructed with square tubes to enhance strength and durability. In addition to being well balanced, the undercarriage features automotive-type hubs and bearings that improve ease of handling. Reliable safety clutch winches are included.

Auger Mover
Built to be durable and easy to use, the auger mover is controlled by a handlebar system conveniently located near the front of the auger. Forward and reverse movement are controlled by rocking the handlebars up and down, while two other levers located above the handlebars control the hydraulic lift and hydraulic winch. Two hydraulic motors mounted to the inside of the wheels are used to drive the auger. The gas engine that runs the auger provides the power for the entire system. Two sizes of auger mover are available to accommodate various lengths of conventional auger.

Conventional Auger Hopper
The Conventional Auger Hopper is designed to add versatility and convenience to your Farm King auger by giving you a powered intake hopper. The hopper can be installed on any Feterl Original 8' or 10'conventional auger as well as our 10' Morden-built Farm King augers and is powered by the rotation of the existing auger core - no new drive mechanisms are needed.

With your auger’s total reach now extended to approximately 108', this hopper allows you to cleanly collect the discharge of gravity wagons, grain carts, hopper bottom bins, grain trucks, highway grain trailers and more with no spillage, and no need to wrestle with removable hoppers.

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