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Grain Stirrer



Our range of Stirrers provide even drying with a complete mix of crop. Linked with a gas burner it achieves high drying output over the bulk store.

  • Size to suit all building widths up to 15m wide
  • On-site installation by skilled Welvent engineers
  • Stir just after loading to take out the tight spots from the pusher
  • Potential to improve airflow
  • Remove drying fronts and capping
  • Stir after drying to get an even sample for reliable moisture readings
  • Available for both existing stores and new installations


The Welvent range of stirrers have been designed to give simplicity when drying, leaving you available for other management tasks.

combining fans, burners and stirrers

By combining Welvents well proven fan units and gas burners with the stirrer, drying times are greatly reduced.

  • Reduced risk of crop deterioration through faster drying
  • Drying depths can be increased
  • Quicker drying rates through safe use of increased levels of heat
  • Lets one store dry several crops in one season

Welvent's sales team will advise you on the Suitability of fans, burners, ventilation laterals and power supply. The main duct of an existing store is unlikely to be suitable, however Welvent have engineered a system to strengthen all types of tunnel to allow a safe conversion.

We can use your existing equipment and enhancing with new, we can create a conversion to suit your requirements and budget.

Welvent Offer

  • A survey of both store and tunnel to attain exact requirements
  • All wheel drive to ensure an accurate drive along the track
  • Simple control system
  • British built

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