Greenway Equipment, Inc.

- Model HX10 - Heavy-Duty and Commercial Rotary Cutters


HX10 gearcases mount on heavy duty bowl supports. These are attached to the top and bottom decks with a single, uniform weld – a strong, long-lasting base of support for the gearcase and bladeholder.

  • Larger, more durable gearboxes
  • Large-diameter, round-pan blade holders
  • Tractor hookup available
  • Max Flow cutting chamber for a clean cut
  • Capacity Cutting Width: 126 in. (3200 mm)
  • Tractor Compatibility: Tractor PTO 540
  • Hitch Category: 2, 3, 3N
  • Number of Gearcases: 3

  • Tractor hookup available in two configurations
  • Blades ensure clean cutting and fine shredding
  • Gearcases and blade holders provide better performance
  • Five-year limited gearbox warranty provided on every John Deere rotary cutter
  • Which rotary cutter is right for me?
  • Patented John Deere Double-Decker™ design for superior frame strength
  • Larger, more durable gearboxes
  • Wheel support
  • Drivetrain
  • Frame and deck
  • Hookup
  • Safety features
  • Blades

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