fruit transport equipment available in Virginia

  • Fruit Harvesting Totes

    Protect your freshly harvested fruit with our long-lasting corrugated plastic picking boxes and reduce waste, save time, money and labor costs. Farm Wholesale AG knows how important it is for you to receive top dollar for your crop.

  • Fruit Disinfection System

    Fruit shelf-life is a highly strategic element in our industry. In Unisorting we have developed a technology that greatly reduces the bacterial load present on the peel of the fruit. And this prevents the development of fruit degradation processes due to rot and mold. Pesticide residues on the peel of the fruit are also significantly reduced. The ...

    By Unisorting based in Lugo, ITALY.

  • Fruit Cleaning Trailer

    This machine may carry either one or two employees at the sorting belt.With the fruit sorting carriage grass and leaves are separated from the fruits and sort the good fruits from the rotting fruit.

    By Feucht Obsttechnik based in Erbstetten, GERMANY. from Fruit Cleaning Trailer Product line

  • GACEK - Model 2018 - Fruit Tree Shaker With Umbrella

    GACEK fruit tree shaker is designed to harvest not only cherries but also other stone fruits, for example, plums. The fruits are being strewn from the tree then, all impurities like leaves or twigs are removed with a fan and the fruits are being dumped into boxes or box pallets. In order to achieve the best work effects, proper preparation of the ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skeirniwicie, POLAND.

  • Premium

    Bi-On - Model DRY - Dessicants for Cereals Storage and Coffee

    Products such as cereals and coffee among others, are extremely sensitive to humidity. As a result humidity must be controlled to guarantee the quality of such products during transportation and/or storage.

    By Bioconservacion SA based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • Smart Fresh Technology

    The SmartFreshSM Quality System is globally recognized as an important tool for fruit quality management. SmartFresh successfully manages fruit and vegetable ripening by controlling naturally occurring ethylene during storage and transport.

    By AgroFresh based in Collegeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Smart Fresh Technology Product line

  • Frumaco - Automatic Bins Trailer

    The automatic trailer makes the harvesting system of the TECNOFRUIT really complete: there are five hydraulic functions: the transport of the empty fruit containers on the upper part of the trailer by means of chains, lifting the empty fruit containers, moving the full fruit containers to the lower part of the trailer, offloading the full ...

    By Frumaco Europe srl based in Sirmione (BS), ITALY.

  • Wet Strength Linerboard

    Wet-strength linerboard delivers excellent strength retention under wet conditions and is ideal for use in packaging exposed to extreme conditions in transport or storage, such as packaging used for poultry and fruit, or goods transported with ice packs.

    By WestRock Company based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Wet Strength Linerboard Product line

  • Model G2 - Trailer for Grapes With Elliptical Rotor Pump

    Ideal for the transportation of grapes, driven by the tractor shaft or by an electric gearmotor, it has the advantage of directly unloading into a crusher-stemmer or press, avoiding further passages in the tank. It can also be used in the agri-food sector for semi-solid products such as fruit, citrus fruits and olives.

    By Strazzari S.r.l. based in Osteria Grande, ITALY. from Trailer for Grapes With Elliptical Rotor Pump Product line

  • KPotash Power - Liquid Based Bio-Fertilizer

    This is liquid based bio-fertilizer containing potassium mobilizing bacteria. It mobilizes potash from the elementary or mixture of potassium, which can be easily absorbed by the plants. It mobilizes potash in all types of soil and increases 15-25% of yield. It promotes photosynthesis and the transport of assimilates to the fruits and roots, ...

    By Kala Biotech based in Akurdi, INDIA. from Liquid Based Bio-Fertilizer Product line

  • Cusinato - Spiral Lowerators

    The Cusinato spiral lowerators are ideal in all cases where “drop” transport is required, preserving the integrity of the transported product. The massive use by pasta manufacturers of spiral chutes for transporting pasta, has stimulated over time continuous improvements both from the point of view of design and performance, so much so ...

    By Cusinato Giovanni Srl based in S.Martino di Lupari (PD), ITALY.

  • BICCHI - Model BP - Flatbed Trailers with Twin Wheels

    Suitable for transporting big volumes, bales, fruit box, machinery (for ex. crawlers).  Grain-rice type floor.  Front hydraulic jack for easy tipping by means of quick coupling.  Rear ramp.  Mechanical brake. Sideboards on request.

    By BICCHI S.r.l. based in Arezzo, ITALY. from Flatbed Trailers with Twin Wheels Product line

  • Cusinato - Bucket Elevator

    The Cusinato bucket conveyors are ideal for transporting fragile or delicate granular products such as: long and short pasta, legumes, dried fruit, candy, frozen food, pet food, chemical and granular products in general. They are available in different sizes and types to solve every vertical and horizontal transport problem. Each machine provides ...

    By Cusinato Giovanni Srl based in S.Martino di Lupari (PD), ITALY.

  • BICCHI - Flatbed Trailers with Double Axle Fixed Body

    Double axle. Single wheels. Fixed platform. Suitable for transporting big volumes, bales, fruit box, machinery (for ex. crawlers). Grain-rice type floor. Pneumatic or hydraulic brake.Front and rear support for square bales on request.  2A142RCA version with rear hydraulic ramps.

    By BICCHI S.r.l. based in Arezzo, ITALY. from Flatbed Trailers with Double Axle Fixed Body Product line

  • BICCHI - Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailers

    Tandem axle with cantilever. Twin wheels. Suitable for transporting big volumes, bales, fruit box, machinery (for ex. crawlers).  Grain-rice type floor.  Hydraulic tipping.  Pneumatic or hydraulic brake, hydraulic parking jack.  Rear foot board. sideboards on request.

    By BICCHI S.r.l. based in Arezzo, ITALY. from Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailers Product line

  • Model Series B - Distilled Mash Pumps

    The model series B encompasses specially developed pumps for fruit distillery. Due to extremely high eccentricity of the rotor, output room between the rotor and stator is especially large dimensioned, in order for the stone fruit mash to be meticulously handled. All rotors are provided with a screw thread connection for the mount of a supply ...

    By G.A. KIESEL GmbH based in Heilbronn, GERMANY. from Distilled Mash Pumps Product line

  • Verbruggen - Wrapping Machines

    To make your palletized products ready for transport, you can make use of our semi/fully automatic wrapping machines. To prevent your products from possible external damages and to make your products stable and fixed to the pallet during transportation, we provide you with a variety of wrapping materials depending on your products features, for ...

    By Verbruggen Emmeloord B.V. based in Emmeloord, NETHERLANDS.

  • Oxbo - Model 8000 - Blueberry Harvester

    The Oxbo 8000 blueberry harvester brings together the Korvan brand's 25 year of experience in the berry market with Oxbo's commitment to continually improving products to a harvester that delivers a superior end product. The single drop delivery system on the Oxbo 8000 allows a quick transport of fruit from the plant into a tote or lug. The single ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation based in Byron, NEW YORK (USA). from Blueberry Harvester Product line

  • Bandit - High Density Platform

    The High Density Bin Bandit is designed to transport fruit and vegetable bins and with a platform accessory can be easily converted to a platform for tree maintenance purposes. This offers the grower a complementary vehicle for tying and pruning in the orchard. The unique design of the High Density / Platform expands the machines functional ...

    By Automated Ag based in Moses Lake, WASHINGTON (USA). from High Density Platform Product line

  • Littau - Model ORXL - Over the Row Berry Harvester

    The 2013 ORXL Over-the-Row Harvester is our newest berry harvester design that has a large platform and storage area. It improves on earlier designs for more fresh quality fruit.

    By Littau Harvester based in Stayton, OREGON (USA). from Over the Row Berry Harvester Product line

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