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- Model DX Series 75-90HP - Tractor


The DX series features hydraulic power shuttle transmission with 16x16 speeds. The DX series tractor also features full deluxe roomy air condition cabin with all the controls ergonomically positioned for maximum operator comfort. Auto PTO fitted as standard across the range with 540/1000 rpm speeds. Telescopic cat 2 link ends are a feature of this tractor making attaching implements quick and easy. Mid mounted hydraulics and a new single lever joystick this is conveniently placed for loader operation.

Heavy Duty linkage
Quick coupling link arm end and external linkage lift control.  Optional drop down hitch.
Luxury cab
Standard specification includes:
  • Flat floor
  • Suspended pedals
  • Wide opening doors
  • Convenient controls
  • Tilting steering wheel
  • Deluxe seat
  • Heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Opening roof panel
  • Radio cassette
  • Opening rear window
  • Front and rear wipers
  • Full working lights


01. Innovative Interior Design

The wide, somfortable interior has ergonomically designed transmission levers, tinted glass and high quality, adjustable seats to boost operator comfort and improve prouctivity.

Operator visibilty has been increased thanks to the relocation of the muffler to the corner of the cabin, which makes it easier to operate the tractor durng loading work, and while working in narrow barns and other tight quarters

02. One-Touch, Open-Type Side Cover

The side cover allows easy inspection and maintenance, reducing downtime and upkeep costs

03. Operational Controls And Couplings Are Conveniently Positioned

Conveniently positioned cross control levers and hydraulic hose couplings make it a snap to attach loader, graders or excavators to the tractor.

04. Deluxe Cabin

The sunroof provides the operator with greater cabin comfort through natural ventilation. The high-performance air-conditioning system and heater combined with the incredible sound quality of the stereo deliver a real car-quality interior.

Air conditioner performance has been enhanced with the addition of a state of the art filtration system.


05. Chair Made From Jacquard-Created Fabric the Industry's Highest Standard

The adjustable backrest, supporting cushion and ergonomic armrest ensure an accurate comfortable fit for each operator's shape, which results in greater production with less fatigue.

06. Freely Adjustable Steering Wheel and Instrument Panel

The steering wheel is fully adjustable to fit each operator's stature. The instrument panel can also be adjusted to give the operator the optimum reading angle.

07. Full Hydraulic Power Steering

The double rod steering cylinder structure assure positive power transmission and allows operators to work longer hours with less fatigue

08. Greater Gear Ratios are Now Available

Work efficiency has been maximised with the addition of a super low speed that is essential for work in orchards.

The 16 forward and 16 backward gears provide the operator with a large inventory of options for just the right performance to match the job's requirements.

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