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- Model MF Activa | 176-209 HP - Combine Harvester


Providing exceptional economy and low running costs, the versatile MF Activa combines are aimed at owners/operators with smaller to medium-sized arable areas. At harvest time, every minute counts; that’s why we need to provide you with high-performance and reliable machines. With combines from the MF Activa range, you can be sure of making the right choice.

Simple and ruggedly-built, the Freeflow cutting table has light and easy control to enable effortless harvest of any crop. With cutting widths from 4.2 m – 6.6 m, the Freeflow table features a welded frame to which bolt-on panels (such as the table bottom plates) are mounted, making it extremely easy to replace parts when necessary.

Cutting duty is carried out by a self-cleaning Schumacher knife and gearbox. The cut crop feeds into a large diameter table auger fitted with feathering fingers along its whole length to ensure a positive feed of crop into the main crop elevator.

The auger is protected by a slip clutch, and reel adjustment is electro-hydraulically controlled with speed

All MF ACTIVA combines are fitted with a hydrostatic three-speed transmission as standard – this provides more flexibility and ensures optimum harvesting speed is achieved.

The cylinder is 600 mm diameter x 1340 mm wide meaning that peak loads will not slow down the drum and affect threshing ability. The overall separating area is the largest in its class.The main concave offers a layout unique to the market. The front section has narrower spacing between the wires for increased threshing capacity while the back section has half the number, thereby increasing separation and reducing the work required by the straw-walkers.

With independent adjustment of the front and rear settings, the concave gives the operator more control over threshing performance. The Active Beater Concave (ABC) - located at the rear of the main concave under the rear beater - provides an extra 14º of concave wrap to give even more threshing output. The ABC module also controls straw flow onto the walkers from the rear beater. Adjustable depending on straw length and moisture level, it provides the ability to optimise flow of straw, thereby achieving as much separation as possible.

The excellent XL cab offers a superb position from which to control the harvest. Driver comforts include air-con, heating, deluxe suspended seat and electric mirrors as standard. The dashboard, to the right of the seat, gives easy access to all controls. The ergonomic multi-function lever fits  neatly into the palm and gives full control over the movements of the machine.

For night-time working, the Activa features six working lights on the cab and one on the grain tank. 

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