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The intense frost in colder months, especially if unexpected, always cause considerable discom-fort and inconvenience to road traffic Roads, airports, parking, and highways can get obstructed or dangerous because of strong snowing. To make roads viable and safe it is necessary to distribute sodium chloride on private and public areas.

Maintaining the good condition of the road and reduce the risk of slipping is essential for road safety. For this reason, to avoid ice formation on the road, Agrex offers a complete range of salt, sand and grit distributors.
The MAXI sand distributors have a tank with a great autonomy capacity assuring a high daily performance. The solid supporting structure allows a speed up to 40 km/h.

The distributor group is composed by two distributor discs with adjustable stainless steel radial vanes. The hopper bottom has a rubber conveyor to ensure an uniform distribution since the feed is regulated by a volumetric wheel which lies hydraulically on the distributor’s big wheel.
The large bearing surface of the tires reduces the pressure on the asphalt even in particularly critical conditions.

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