Model H514/5 - Feed Silo



Feed silos are designed for feed and bran warehousing. They are necessary on livestock farms as well as swine and poultry farms. Michał silos are made from high quality steel with zinc covering. Appropriate thickness of sheet metal together with solid structure make silos durable. Separate parts of a silo body are joined with the help of special edge connectors which make silos leakproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Silo 'MICHAŁ', model H514/5 is set up on 3 legs Silo legs are made from steel with zinc covering which, makes them more resistant to corrosion than legs with paint coat.

In order to load silos you can use either a loading pipe or special cover which can be opened manually. Both of them are standard equipment. Appropriate cone gradient as well as outflow opening (Ø 440) ensures easy flow of feed into transportation system.

A side outlet in a cone (which is an extra equipment) helps to collect feed from a silo regardless of other means of unloading.

Unloading of stored feed may be freely terminated by the user using a spiral conveyor, chain or screw.

  • Model H514/5
  • Capacity [m ³] 7,87
  • Feed amount (0,65t/m³) [t] *    5,1
  • Diameter [mm] 1847
  • Total height [mm] 5270
  • Outlet height [mm] 650
  • Outlet diameter [mm] 440
  • Weight [kg] 340

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