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- Model L4000G4 - Spreader Hopper



Modular and multi-product ready, the L4000G4 adapts to any spreading needs, making it an ideal choice for growing operations.  Expand its capabilities simply by customizing the spreader hopper, hydraulics and bin—the L4000G4 can deliver the power to spread up to four variable rate applications in just one pass.

What is standard on the L4000G4?

The L4000G4 comes standard with:

  • 102-inch body width
  • 6-inch side extensions
  • Bolted-in rear endgate for better structural integrity
  • Patented G4 variable rate broadcaster
  • Pressurized chain oiler

How can I customize the L4000G4?

Customizing the L4000G4 to an individual operation’s needs is simple:

  1. Choose a spreader hopper
    1. 13 ft or 14 ft
    2. Painted 409 stainless or 304 non-painted stainless steel
    3. #4 belt-over-chain for combination fertilizer/lime applications or #3 chain for aggressive lime applications
  2. Customize the hydraulics
    1. Standard hydraulics for combination fertilizer/lime applications
    2. High-performance hydraulics for heavy lime applications
  3. Customize with a 5-ft or 7-ft bin for multiple product applications
    1. MultApplier™—apply two products independently or simultaneously
    2. MultiBin™—apply up to four products straight or variable rate

Advanced, Customizable Hydraulics

Better efficiency and easier service come standard with New Leader’s 24-gallon capacity reservoir on the L4000G4.  Paired with a built-in suction strainer and in-tank return filter to capture contaminants, this oil cooler keeps temperature low for maximum performance and service life.

Patented Precision Application

Spread materials faster, wider and more consistently, even on windy days, with proven G4 variable rate broadcasting technology.  The design also simplifies spread pattern testing and daily application by including predetermined settings for:

  • Fertilizer
  • Urea
  • Ag lime

Low Maintenance Design

Designed for long life and less maintenance, the L4000G4 more than delivers on operators’ expectations. Innovative features designed to reduce service requirements include:

  • Heavy-duty bearing assembly extends motor seal life
  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Spinner motor designed with stainless steel shaft sleeve
  • Belt-over-chain conveyor for maximum durability
  • Pressurized chain oiler with adjustable spray nozzles
  • Optional oiler remote switch for fast and easy chain lubrication

Precision Ag Controls 

Application control takes new meaning with Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ system for maximum rate control toward minimum waste.  Reduce overapplication, overlap, spray drift and application gaps as AutoSwath automatically turns the applicator on or off.  Choose from two easy-to-install Ag Leader displays, Integra™ or Versa™:

MultApplier for Dual Product Application

Economics and productivity aren’t exclusive – reduce man hours, field compaction and fuel consumption by applying two products in a single pass with the MultApplier, available in 5 ft or 7 ft sizes.

Is the MultApplier difficult to install?

Bolted-in endgates make the MultApplier easy to install or remove, and easy to convert your spreader from single to dual product operation.

Patented Precision Application

Spread materials faster, wider and more consistently, even on windy days, with proven G4 variable rate broadcasting technology. Two independent conveyors allow control of two products at predetermined rates or variable rates, with swath widths up to 84 ft.

MultiBin Fertilizer and Micronutrient Spreader

Transform a single-bin spreader to three or even four bins with the revolutionary MultiBin fertilizer and micronutrient spreader. This innovative design gives operators the power to consistently broadcast materials independently, simultaneously, straight or variable rate. All while covering more acres with less downtime for filling. The possibilities for profitability are endless.

How does the MultiBin work?

The front two hoppers dispense fertilizer products, while the rear hopper dispenses micro-nutrients or seeding products. The rear hopper can also be split to create a fourth hopper. 

Can the MultiBin be removed once I’ve installed it?

The MultiBin can be easily installed and removed from the spreader for single-bin fertilizer or lime spreading.

Why should I apply more than one product at a time?

Applying multiple products at once means fewer trips across the field – for reduced soil compaction, labor and fuel consumption.

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