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Optimal coverage: ith nominal thicknesses of 0.15 mm (6 mil) and 0.2 mm (8 mil), Renoplan silage films can be fully recommended for all types of silage. With these films, you can optimally cover both bunker silos and open silage mounds – and can look forward to excellent feed quality.


Time-tested silage films
Renoplan silage films come in roll lengths of 25 m (82'), 35 m (115') and 50 m (164'), and in roll widths of 4 m (13') to 16 m (52'). The film width of 16 m (52') has proven itself, particularly for operations with a very large number of animals and corresponding feed requirements, as well as for the production of silage for biogas facilities.

Wide-ranging offer
The portfolio also includes the Renoplan underlay film with widths of up to 16 m (52'), which results in low gas permeability, even under high mechanical loads. The Renoplan side wall film protects silage in the wall area and prevents the side entry of water and air.

Robust Renoplan DLG silage films
The DLG quality seal stands for top-level quality and security. Renoplan DLG silage films have successfully passed the demanding DLG Signum Test, meeting the strict threshold values by a wide margin.

Individual solutions
Renoplan silage films come in the color combinations white/white, black/black and green/black/white. RKW thus offers the fitting solution for customers’ individual requests as well as for regional characteristics.

The precondition for high quality silage is a quality silage film with a thickness of at least 0.15 mm (6 mil) up to 0.2 mm (8 mil) that ensures the required gas impermeability. Renoplan PE films from RKW offer this – and much more.

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