Seed Treatment Dryer



The Seed Flow Assist is a compact seed treatment drying system consisting of an 18” fan for high volume air flow and a liquid propane burner for heat. The heated air is forced across the treated seed, drying the treatment evenly.

Equipment Features & Benefits

  • Simple, economical system to buy and use
  • Helps prevent residue build-up and seed bridging in containers
  • Eliminates the necessity for re-bagging hoppers

How does it work?

The application of heat removes moisture from  incoming air.  The lower humidity air passing through the treated seed absorbs moisture from the seed and dries the seed surface.  The drier seed is easier to convey and will bridge less in hard side boxes or seed tenders.  The use of re-bagging hoppers can then be eliminated, saving time and extra handling of seed.

Why should you use it?

While the application of liquid seed treatments produces robust plants and higher yields, various chemistries cause issues with seed handling equipment including residue build-up and seed bridging in containers. The Seed Flow Assist provides a solution to these issues by drying the seed treatment.

Getting Started

The Seed Flow Assist should be started prior to processing seed through the treater. Seed flows through the treatment drying chamber and the air flow routes the seed around the chamber before seed exits through the discharge opening.

Equipment Specifications

Fan and Heater

  • 3 HP 230 volt single phase 18” diameter fan
  • Liquid Propane 18” burner with vaporizer
  • LP modulating valve temperature control

Drying Chamber:

  • Diameter – 36”
  • Adjustable height support legs
  • Capacity – 2,000 soybean seed units per hour

Flexible Ducting:

  • 12”diameter x 16’ with quick connect restraints
  • Greater lengths are available upon request

System Design

The Seed Flow Assist seed treatment drying system is a compact, multi-component system that can be field arranged according to facility needs.  The system consists of a platform mounted fan and heating unit, flexible ducting hose with quick connect restraints and a seed drying chamber.

System Operation

The Seed Flow Assist system is designed to process up to 2,000 units per hour of soybean seed at varying moisture reduction levels depending on chemical treatment rates. The treatment drying chamber is designed to clear seed from the unit reducing cross contamination between seed varieties.  The drying chamber cover can be removed for periodic chemical treatment clean-out when necessary.

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