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- Model DM6 - 6 Disc Mower



The SITREX DM range of disc mowers, which includes 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-disc models, fits the requirements of both small and large farms. The DM5 Disc mower, with 5 discs and a 80' working width has the peculiarity of two inner discs which turn to the same direction. This allows you to obtain a narrower windrow, which helps avoid running over the mowed grass later. This mower fits the requirements of a medium-sized farm. High quality pinions, bearings, discs and knives, guarantee the best reliability even under heavy working conditions.

The peculiar disc oval shape guarantees a series of advantages comparing to the round shaped discs: better unloading of forage; excellent overlapping of the knives fixed on the larger disc axle; and a clean and regular cut. Moreover, a warped knife cannot touch the adjoining disc and there is actually no risk of foreign matter getting in between two discs and clogging the machine. The knives are made of high quality steel and rigorously tested, and the peculiar helicoidal shape of the knife guarantees a perfect cut.

The mowing unit articulated joint is designed to adapt easily to the ground contours, allowing you to cuts along edges and slopes without problems.

In case of obstacles there is a mechanism which pulls back the mowing unit so that the obstacle is immediately warded off; this mechanism is reset simply by briefly reversing the tractor.

Number of discs: 6 (12 total cutting blades)

Cutting width: 94 ½”

Heavy-duty hitch with multi-position pins

Outboard hay wheel deflector

Hydraulic lift cylinder for road transport

HP required: 50

PTO: 540 rpm

Weight: 910 lbs.

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