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Model TR 100 DT/M - Reversible Drive Mecanical Multipurpose Tractor



The absolutely latest development in the range of reverse drive tractors is represented by the De Pietri TR 100 DT/M, the mechanical version of the TR 100 DT/S intended mainly for farmers that prefer simplicity of construction and a decidedly lower purchase price. This new version is constructed still on the T4050 unit of the New Holland. The design, reversal system, cabin, dimensions, coupling of the double drive and electro-hydraulic blocking of the front and rear wheels, full oil bath disc brakes with automatic engdriving placeage when braking, PTO 540/540E100G/1’ with hydraulic clutch are the same as for the TR100 DT/S, while the inverter is mechanical, synchronised, engaged using a side lever, the gearbox is mechanical with 32 + 16 gears.The TR 100 DT/M is the ideal tractor in terms of quality/price and weight/power ratios, versatility and simplicity but at the same time efficient with one of the lowest depreciation rates for this category.

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