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Micro algae biotechnology is a key technology with an inexhaustible potential for the future. We can help you put your vision into practice.'The services offered by our area of biotechnology are based on more than 30 years of experience in research and development concerning the cultivation of phototrophic micro organisms.Our employees – scientists, constructors, technicians, technologists and technical specialists – have comprehensive and well-funded expertise concerning process and system development, effective substance research and analyses and product design.

Due to our great cooperation with bio mass producers, foodstuff producers, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and energy suppliers, we offer the prerequisites for innovative, marketable developments.

Algae are among the oldest organisms that live on this planet. They are part of a group of organisms with currently at least 30,000 species. Depending on algae species and growth conditions, micro algae have a broad range of high-quality contents.

The great many high-quality contents and current research results lead to new application areas  for them, in particular in the areas of food supplements, functional foods, dietetics, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and fodder.

For the past 5 years, micro algae biotechnology gained importance around the world. Its focus is on producing valuable materials from micro algae and using them for environmental applications such as CO2- fixation.

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The biotechnology area offers the following service range.

UPSTREAM Technology

  • New and further development of photo bioreactor technology, e.g. for using CO2 from exhaust gases (2 L - 85.000 L): sterile PBR, inoculation PBR, mobile PBR, production PBR
  • Integrated systems for production and application of micro algae


  • Development of new concepts for biomass separation
  • Drying technologies
  • Extraction methods and technologies
  • Processes for isolating effective substances

Valuable Materials from Algae

  • Screening for relevant effective substances for pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications
  • Effective substance characteristics
  • Effective substance formulation

Product Ranges

  • Serial photo bioreactors (closed photo bioreactors, not sterile, (10-85.000 L) ready for serial production and closed photo bioreactors, sterile- (2-100 L)
  • Cosmetic materials (e.g. Nannochloropsis oc. extract and many more)
  • Cosmetics

Due to our specially developed closed photo bioreactor systems for the cultivation of micro algae, we are able to use biomass that was produced in a scientifically sustainable way in our products and experiments. This enables us to offer unique and customized products and solutions.

Our teams and their know-how and expertise are ready to help you put tomorrow's products into practice today.

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