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ELS: Electronic Logging Software


L&B has been providing high quality professional Operations and Maintenance consulting services to airports for over fifty years. We have combined this experience with our extensive automated information expertise to create a customized approach to solving airport operations, maintenance, and gate management issues.

ELS is designed to automate the manual logbook activities required for certification under FAR Part 139. Information can be easily stored and retrieved for day-to-day operational needs and generating management and historical operations reports. ELS will increase productivity, improve information accuracy and enhance data integrity. The product uses the Microsoft SQL database engine and allows a user to enter, store and retrieve information related to the daily operation of an airport. Information within the system includes but is not limited to: NOTAMS, daily lighting inspection, daily sign inspection, pavement inspection, weather forecasts, fuel spills, aircraft stand-bys, wildlife strikes, crash fire reports, and disabled aircraft reports. ELS operates in a multi-user environment with the information resident on a database server. ELS is fully functional on any Intel compatible laptop or mobile device that operates with a Windows XP environment.

ELS ensures consistency in the daily inspection and other operations information entered from the airport operations office. Log entries can be searched for a word, partial word, or phrase within any date range specified. A 'tagged' report can be built by combining multiple searches. Log entries can be printed to hard copy when requested.

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