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The world of horticultural lighting is starting a transfromation, with new technology and the beginning of LED lighting. Light spectrums, which are specifically tailored to the crop type in order to optimise photosynthesis, whilst also providing a cooler and significantly lower energy usage light source are becoming increasingly popular and important for glasshouse and controlled room installations of the future.

Tailor made spectrums ensure that the energy invested in growth light technology is converted efficiently into light that the plant recognises. By only utilising the necessary spectrums and not wasting energy on parts of the ‘Photosynthetically Active Radiation Curve’ that are not required by the plant, energy saving of up to 50% can be achieved. In addition the use of differing wavelengths and intensities of light, can be used to influence the growth and morphology of the plant as well as providing potential nutritional and plant protection benefits.

As this is new technology we take the approach of a structured working relationship where we initially visit site to share and explain the benefits of utilising LED lights and identify the most ideal lighting solutions. After establishing the client’s individual requirements, light plans are then developed and shared for comparison with existing installations, as well as demonstrating lighting uniformity and potential benefits. After installation CambridgeHOK assist in measuring the benefits and evaluating them versus those expected.

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