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System Upgrade & Retrofitting Services


Over time, on site technology needs a refresh. This could be simply because it has reached the end of its useful life or because it no longer meets the requirements of a modern composting facility. Many people dread a technology upgrade as it is often complex, costly and risky. At Orangegate we have put a lot of thought into upgrading and retrofitting technology on existing sites. Our wireless technology and modular design means that you could have a new system up and running in days rather than weeks or months.

No signal wires required

Our wireless technology greatly simplifies the installation of sensing and control systems. By transmitting sensor readings and control signals over a robust wireless mesh network, the need for communication lines is completely eliminated. Fixed relay nodes which help route the wireless signals around your site can be wired into your existing on site power infastructure.

Reduce down-time during retrofitting

We have refined our installation process by building special temporary relay nodes to be set up even before the fixed infastructure install has been completed. This means that disruptions to your data collection are kept to a minimum during the retrofitting process.

Our system can often also be run alongside your existing system meaning that you can switch from one to the other at a time that suits you. This can reduce the risk around retrofitting and avoids expensive delays which might cause your site to stop operating.

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