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Future provides up to date biological information across sites, and is a sophisticated planning tool used to predict and simulate future biological scenarios. Simulated and real/historical data can be used in combination to empower you to make the right decision every time. Future is configured with a tailor-made growth model, including factors such as temperature profiles, growth speed, FCR profiles, mortality, feed types, transfers, harvesting, and stipulations of variations on a cage level. Future supports both marine operations and hatcheries.

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Slaughter planner (STHP)
As a part of Future we offer a detailed fish slaughter planner that provides you with the necessary information about available fish ready for slaughter, as well as available slaughtering capacity. STHP generates complete and detailed slaughter plans that can be used as a logistics basis in the slaughtering process.

Reporting is done in OLAP cubes. We help to tailor-make all reports so that you get the information presented exactly as you want it. The reports help you to budget for future production, including details for feeding and slaughtering.

Integrated systems
Our solutions make daily life easier for our customers, keeping manual registration to a minimum. Records made on site are transferred to Farmer, which then distributes the numbers to our other software solutions, including Future. This ensures the data quality and minimizes the need for repeated registration.

  • Full overview over your biomass
  • Historical and planned data combined
  • Advanced reporting

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