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  • Power Harrows and Rotary Tillers

  • Model NE - Folding Power Harrow

    Model NE - Folding Power Harrow

    The power harrow NE  is conceived for farmers, who want to take profit from the employment of their park pool, favouring the organization, the economic, environmental and ergonomic aspects. Each tractor must be connected with the right power harrow, and power harrow NE offers you actually some special advantages:  Euroclass 21’s technology; employment of low power tractors; easy and quick placing in work and rest position. The power...

  • Model RTA - Rotary Tiller

    Model RTA - Rotary Tiller

    Rotary tiller RTA strong and flexible for light and medium soils to use with tractors maximum 30 KW. A tiller to use in particular in agriculture, horticulture and garden. The chain transmission with automatically chain tightener and the housing in printed metal sheet guarantee a long duration of the machine. It’s ideal for the preparation of the seeding bed and the pulverizing of the soil.

  • Model RTB - Rotary Tiller

    Model RTB - Rotary Tiller

    The rotary tiller RTB for tractors from 40 to 60 HP has been projected appositely to satisfy the expectations of owner of small and medium plots, in horticulture and in gardening.

  • Model DO - Power Harrow

    Model DO - Power Harrow

    5 models are available: 3m - 3,5m - 4m - 4,5m - 5m The main characteristics of this power harrow are aggressiveness, reliability and economy. It has been conceived to fulfil the big farmers and contractors demands. It can work on heavy, clayey and hilly soils. A strong structure, oil-bath transmission, 2-speed gearbox with lever, Tineholder with bolt safety protection in one single piece; Knifeteeth operating optimum soil cut are the proof of a...

  • Model CU/SL - Power Harrow

    Model CU/SL - Power Harrow

    Power harrow “CU” “SL” offers multiple advantages for small and medium sized farms for tractors from 15 to 59 KW; the advantages are: optimum working depth; the compaction of the soil will be avoided with the use of medium power tractors with the possibility of combination with a seed drill, through a hydraulic linkage and the rear P.T.O. standard on the machines. Available also a special version WINEYARD of working widths from...

  • Model RTC/RTC-S - Rotary Tiller

    Model RTC/RTC-S - Rotary Tiller

    The tiller RTC / RTC –S is built for tractors from 40 to 70 HP, with its strong structure has been produced for difficult soils. The experience of Euroclass 21in the  construction guarantees a final product  with a long life duration.