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  • Multi Connect

  • ORION-MC Computer

    ORION-MC Computer

    The ORION-MC is the communication interface between the horticulture computer and the IO units in the field, for example the H1MC. The ORION-MC communicates through the CAN-local bus with the IO units. The ORION receives the control commands from the horticulture computer and converts this into control commands to the IO units through the CAN-local bus.

  • Model EO128 - Encoders

    Model EO128 - Encoders

    The EO128 is an optical encoder with 128 pulses per revolution that can be used with each motor, that is adequate to be build in a potentiometer, that can be built in with the associated construction kit. The encoder can be used for motors from Ridder, Huima, Lock and De Gier.