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  • Woods - Model PRD6000 - Rear Mount Finish Mower

    Woods - Model PRD6000 - Rear Mount Finish Mower

    60-inch cutting width, Rear Discharge. Three-point hitch: Cat 1. Tractor HP range: 15-40 hp. Ideal for mowing large lawns, sports fields, and parks. Strong, eight-gauge steel deck. Floating lower hitch points to manage uneven terrain. Powerful 60 hp gearbox. Kevlar® belt with clutching cover protects parts and increases lifespan. Anti-shimmy caster wheel springs reduce shock loads. Tubular caster wheel arms for added strength. ASABE quick-hitch...

  • Woods - Model S12ED - Flail Shredder

    Woods - Model S12ED - Flail Shredder

    144-inch cutting width. Tractor HP range: 90-300 hp. Two massive, engineered box sections to increase shredder strength and rigidity, while reducing vibration. High-quality gearbox with aluminum gear casing to effectively disperse and reduce heat buildup to extend bearing and gear life. 5-year gearbox limited warranty. Large diameter flail tubes help maintain balance and rigid 10.75-inch diameter flail tubes resist vibration. Spiral-mounted knife...