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    LG Sonic - Irrigation Application Brochure

    LG Sonic for IrrigationControl algal growth cost-efficiently and increases agriculture productivity IrrigationWater used for irrigation can contain high levels of nutrients, some of these nutrients are beneficial for the plants watered, but can also lead to extensive algal growth. Algae in irrigation reservoirs can clog the irrigation system and can also be spread over the irrigated area. In ...

    By LG Sonic

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    isiplastTape Complete Drip Irrigation System - Flyer

    Irritec® are leading companies in the irrigation world market, dedicated to providing high quality products and professional solutions for all growing needs. Our products, backed by a team of experts applying the most advanced solutions, are the perfect tools for an accurate management of both water and fertilizers ...


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    P1 Complete Drip Irrigation System Flyer

    Irritec are leading companies in the irrigation world market, dedicated to providing high quality products and professional solutions for all growing needs. Our products, backed by a team of experts applying the most advanced solutions, are the perfect tools for an accurate management of both water and fertilizers ...


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    Irritec iSiplastTape Drip Irrigation System Brochure

    The iSiplastTape, with close spacing between emitters and low flow rates, performs best when used in permeable soils that are usually employed for vegetables and flowers. The drip tape iSiplastTape is the ideal solution for the irrigation in open field or greenhouses. Tomatoes, water melons, melons, strawberries, vegetables marrow, peppers, eggplants, asparagus, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, ...


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    Model P1 - Drip Irrigation Flow System Brochure

    The new protected flow system devised by the Irritec research department allows the P1 to be buried in the soil without problems caused by aspiration of mud and detritus, and reduces the risk of root intrusion to a minimum. The system works through a special “flap” design of the outlet hole.  During the irrigation cycle the flap opens, allowing an even flow of water; when the ...


  • Aqua-Traxx - Drip Irrigation Brochure

    The premium choice for drip irrigation, Aqua-Traxx with the PBX Advantage offers a Proportionally Balanced Cross-Section (PBX) design that optimizes flowpath turbulence to effectively manage water flow, deliver uniform distribution, and reduce clogging. For Aqua-Traxx design help, check out our AquaFlow 4.0 design ...

    By The Toro Company

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    PowerTape - Drip Tape Brochure

    Particularly suited to well-drained soils generally used for vegetable and flower cultivation.  PowerTape™ drip tape is the ideal solution for irrigation both in the open field and for protected crops such as tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, courgettes, peppers, aubergines, asparagus, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, roses, gerbera, carnations etc. Either laid on the soil surface or ...


  • Ro-Drip - Drip Tape Brochure

    Ro-Drip Drip Tape provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for all your sub-surface and above ground drip irrigation needs. Ro-Drip is specifically engineered to deliver uniform flow rates while addressing the most difficult maintenance issue faced by drip growers today: blockage during high contaminant conditions. Our patented Ro-Drip design employs two independent antiplugging systems: ...

    By Rivulis Irrigation

  • Aquaflat - Model PE - Lay Flat Pipe for Drip Irrigation Brochure

    AQUAFLAT PE is a no toxic flexible polyethylene pipe with high-strength fabric network reinforcement, as a main line for irrigation systems where it is necessary to frequently move the same installations. For potable water and foodstuffs. AQUAFLAT PE is extremely flexible, durable, light-weight and fully recyclable. It is a valid alternative to the PVC lay ...

    By Plastic Puglia

  • FlowControl - Drip Tape Brochure

    Toro FlowControl drip tape is the latest advancement in the evolution of precision drip irrigation. FlowControl is the only flow-regulating drip tape available — giving you more control and uniformity wherever you farm. The innovative flow-controlling design provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease flow while maintaining a uniform output across changing elevations. Now you ...

    By The Toro Company

  • drip irrigation cataloge

    micro sprinkler,impact sprinklers (impulse sprinklers),drip irrigation system drippers,arrow drippers,sprinkler stake,punchers,irrigatioin filters,irrigation valves, tubing and their connector fittings ...

  • Aquatape - Drip Tape Brochure

    AQUATAPE is a black color drip tape with blue stripe, with a continuous labyrinth welded inside and drilled with constant spacing. AQUATAPE is used on the open field irrigation or in the green-house for a variety of crops such as : vegetables, flowers, watermelons, melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, gerberas, roses, carnations and so on. Due to close ...

    By Plastic Puglia

  • Drip Irrigation System - Brochure

    Drip Irrigation is giving the necessary water and soluble nutriments at the time when it is required and amount needed to the root area of the plant as drips in a controlled way. In drip irrigation method, water is given frequently and in low amounts. Irrigation should begin before the earth loses its humidity and enough water for one day or couple days should be given to the plant. By this way, ...

    By Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S

  • Drip Irrigation- Brochure

    DRIP IRRIGATIONDRIP IRRIGATION106DRIP TAPE FITTINGS I FIELD SCALE REELS I ANDROS SPOOLSNetafim Tape FittingsCode DimensionsZ2400A Tape x 16 x TapeZ2400D * Tape x 20 x TapeZ2400 Tape x 16Z2398 Tape x End PlugZ2402 Tape x 2 x 3/4”FZ2403 Tape x 3/4”MZ2405 Grommet x TapeZ2406 Tape x LayflatZ2404 Tape x 1/2”MNetafim Ring OnlyCode DimensionsZ4952 • Netafim Ring OnlyT Tape FittingsCode ...

    By Ripple Aquaplast

  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation Brochure

    www.trenchnedge.com This job took “1.5 hours including a break for an iced coffee” -Andrew Walladge from Berri Na-tive Plants in Berri, Australia, de-scribing an SDI installation job us-ing the TRENCH’N edge Trencher. “Cut clean uniform trenches with the TRENCH’N edge Trencher.” SDI step by step installation using the TRENCH’N edge Trencher. Before After Install Subsurface Drip Irrigation ...

    By Trench N Edge Trencher

  • Drip Tape Valves Brochure

    For over 25 years TAVLIT has been supplying high quality drip line valves. Drip Line valves enable quick and easy isolation of drip lines for repair and when the specific line is not irrigating. The tape line valves expands the wide range TAVLIT offers with products specifically designed to the growing market of tape drip ...

    By Tavlit Plastic Ltd.

  • Hydrodrip - Drip Tape Brochure

    Hydrodrip Drip Tape is an economical solution for annual row crops, field crops, and greenhouses. Engineered with an efficient turbulent flow path, Hydrodrip’s channel design minimizes clogging. Because Hydrodrip is a flat integral drip tape, it is a good choice for manual or mechanized layout and retrieval. Hydrodrip is available in a wide range of diameters and wall ...

    By Rivulis Irrigation

  • Gold-Drip - Long-Life Dripper Line Brochure

    GOLD-DRIP dripper line is a black color pipe with a blue stripe, equipped with turbulent flow cylindrical auto-cleaning drippers, which can be used on flat ground or hard slope grounds. GOLD-DRIP is particularly suitable for irrigation systems on seasonal crops such as, vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees and so on. It is successfully used too, for the irrigation of vegetables and flower crops ...

    By Plastic Puglia

  • Model D2000 - Drip Line Brochure

    The D2000 Drip Line delivers the right combination of features to produce both reliable and efficient performance in a mid and heavy wall thickness drip line. The innovative flat dripper design minimizes resistance to the water flow in the main channel, allowing growers to utilize longer lateral runs than similar round dripper drip lines. The design of the dripper incorporates features such as ...

    By Rivulis Irrigation

  • TEI Controls - - Drip Irrigation Control Panel Brochure

    SECTION 13XXX CONTROL DESCRIPTION (DICP Models 02-412NC, 412, 622, 826, 1030) PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY This section describes the operation and control of a drip irrigation system. The major components of the integrated system include: A. A wetwell which contains the liquid to be pumped to the irrigation fields, B. Multiple floats to detect various liquid levels in the wetwell, C. One or ...

    By TEI Controls (TT)

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