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    Application - Determination of fructose, glucose, and saccharose in beverages, fruit and vegetable products, honey, and bioactive food additives

    Introduction The technical directives and regulatory requirements specify the total content and relative contents of fructose, glucose and saccharose in juices, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages (incl. wines and winemaking materials), fruit and vegetable products, honey, and bioactive food ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

  • Envirolok Specification With Vegetation

    Envirolok Vegetated Wall / Slope Systems PART 1: General 1.1 Description: A. Provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision to install a vegetated wall/slope system in accordance with these specifications and in reasonable close conformity with the dimensions shown on the plans or as specified by the Owner or Owner's Engineer. B. Work shall consist of furnishing and installing ...

    By Envirolok LLC

  • B-Sure PTB Vegetables - Brochure

    HOW B SURE INCREASES YOUR CROP’S YIELD POTENTIAL. No one offers a liquid nutrient solution like B Sure.® Derived from a unique microbial fermentation process, B Sure improves photosynthesis and plant metabolism, boosting plant pathways that are critical to its success. Plants respond with greater productivity, maximizing their yield potential in typical growing conditions as well as ...

    By Agrinos Inc

  • Reproducible Recoveries of Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables

    Food & BeverageReproducible Recoveries of Pesticides from Fruits and VegetablesUsing Supel™ QuE QuEChERS and an Ascentis® Express RP-Amide HPLC ColumnLC-MS/MS methods are become very popular for the analysis of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. This is due to their ability to resolve many analytes of varying functionality. However, care must be taken during sample preparation to minimize ...

    By MilliporeSigma

  • 3PM Process

    For Your Specific Application needs, please contact:ARCTECH, INC.14100 Park Meadow Drive Chantilly, Virginia 20151 Phone: (703) 222-0280 Fax: (703) 222-0299Website: • email: webmaster@arctech.comProduces humic rich liquid fertilizerEliminates odor, pathogens and viruses from manures; Modular design, applicable for small to large scale operationsConverts Problem into ...

    By ARCTECH, Inc.

  • Potato Processing Systems Brochure

    For 5 generations, Spiessens has aimed for quality and durability. Originally an expert in the development of farming machinery, Spiessens steadily evolved into the field of conveyers. Today, custom made machinery is our specialty. Over the years, with such experience and know-how, we evolved into a well known constructor of machinery with its own engineering. Custom made machinery made for you. ...

    By Speissens nv

  • Ethiopia Garlic Processing

    Ethiopia Garlic Processing Garlic is one of the most important vegetable and spice crops produced on large scale in Ethiopia, and it has great commercial importance in the country. Email: ...

    By Amisy Machinery

  • gPRO HP for Process Innovations (PDF 669 KB)

    Carbon2Algae LLP Company Overview Carbon2Algae LLC (“C2A”) is an algae-based CO2 Solutions Company. Its focus is to design, construct and operate industrial size algae facilities to capture and use large streams of CO2 gas. The facilities will transfer CO2 gas into liquids enabling enhanced algae production capacity. The produced algal biomass will supply feedstock for production and ...

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    KAHL - Protein Shifting System - Brochure

    A renewable solution; Vegetable proteins from legumes are not only inexpensive, but as renewable raw materials also infinitely available ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

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    Geoblock2 Design & Installation Overview


    By Presto Geosystems

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    Terratame2 - InstallGuide

    The surface must be reasonably level, firm, and free draining. Fill shallow depressions with free draining (non-clay) soils. With low spots on existing turf, utilize cut and fill, i.e., cut out small, localized areas of turf, fill depression, and replace turf to desired ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • VERTOIT - Roof-Greening Through Hydrosprigging Datasheet

    Green Technologies Fruit of applied research, the VERTOIT process (Green Roof in French) allows quick and mechanical establishment of a vegetal layer on mineral or watertight surfaces (like e.g. terraces, roofs, tunnel heads, etc), that takes as starting material sprigs and stolons – living plant material. This patented process of extensive greening is an economical solution where it ...

    By Euro-Tec

  • Magnation New Product

    ProvenMagnation’s water technology restructures water using magnetic science, making water more solvent and productive by reducing its density, viscosity and surface tension.Field-tested and approved by farmers and Golf Superintendents in North and South AmericaSatellite imagery tracking vegetation patterns over time periods show improved vegetation densityThoroughly researched and ...

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    GeoRunner Surface Protection Installation Guidelines

    Base Preparation 1. Level and compact the soil base suitable for the intended loads, then rake loose the top ½ inch of soil to provide seed bedding layer. The GeoRunner units can be installed directly over the bedding layer, turf reinforcement mats or sod. 2. Correct elevation and contour of the base layer is important because the flexible GeoRunner units will follow the base elevation and ...

    By Presto Geosystems

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    Benefits of Bark Blowing - Brochure

    Mulch improves the appearance of yards and beds by giving it a complete, attractive and finished appeal that everyone desires to enhance the beauty, uniformity, color and texture of their landscape. Using a Bark Blower to distribute and spread the mulch can not only save time and money, but provide for a smooth and clean application. There is no need for messy piles, sloppy labor or inconsistent ...

    By FINN Corporation

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