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cattle loading (Cattle Handling) equipment

  • GoBob - Cattle Loading Chute

    Have you ever wished you has a super duty loading chute that was safe and built to last but you COULD move it if you needed to? Well, GoBob’s cattle loading chute is your answer. This cattle loading chute with ALL NEW heavy steel construction, has been built with all the convenience and safety features in mind. From the catwalk to the access ...

    By GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales based in Mounds, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Cattle Loading Chute Product line

  • Premium

    Addfield - Model TB - Single Horse / Cattle Cremation Machine

    The Addfield TB cremation machine is our single horse / cattle cremation machine. Its top loading ruggid design and 2.3m³ chamber size, allows for safe and efficient cremation of individual horses or mass / multiple cremation of smaller animals. The TB machine is equipped as standard with an easy to use touch screen PLC controller, allowing ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single Horse / Cattle Cremation Machine Product line

  • Werk Weld - Loading Chutes

    This is a cattle loading chute built to handle your high traffic cattle facilities.  This loading chute is designed to take the place of  a traditional concrete loading chute, which you are unable to move. With this loading chute you can still move it from one location toanother to accommodate your ever changing needs.

    By Werk Weld Inc. based in Armour, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Loading Chutes Product line

  • Houghton - Country Line Two Deck

    Built to the same design specifications as our Professional Two Deck livestock container, this tractor drawn transporter offers maximum legal carrying capacity without compromising stability. Quickly embark two decks of sheep and pigs (pig loading not available), one of cattle, or combine sheep and cattle loads, using the tractor hydraulics to ...

    By Houghton-Parkhouse Ltd based in Cumbria, UNITED KINGDOM. from Country Line Two Deck Product line

  • Model 2 - Small Ranch Cattle Corral System

    This system was built by Mark Deesing, Grandin Livestock Handling Systems, Inc., and is used as a model for contractors, and ranch owners to visit. It was custom designed to fit the site and adjacent to a calving barn. Cattle load out by moving through the system then onto a stock trailer chute at the end of the straight alley.

    By Grandin Livestock Handling Systems Inc based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Small Ranch Cattle Corral System Product line

  • Bridgeway - Cattle Trailer

    Bridgeway easy load cattle trailer comes in sizes 16 by 7 and 18by7.It has new double wheels and a new 8 ton axle.Chequer plated floor and ramp.Ramp loading gates.Slurry tank and front ladder.Comes fitted with lights, brakes and side markings

    By Bridgeway Engineering based in Co. Offaly, IRELAND. from Cattle Trailer Product line

  • Load Out - Adjustable Hydraulic Loading Chute

    Moly Manufacturing's Hydraulic Loading Chute moves from 10' to 58' off the ground for loading cattle pots and trailers.

    By Moly Manufacturing Inc. based in Lorraine, KANSAS (USA).

  • Model 20′ - Adjustable Double Alleyways

    Twin side by side alleyways make a large 5′ 6″ entrance enticing for cattle to enter and then transitions the cattle into a single alley then into the chute. A double alleyway system is the most efficient set up for loading out cattle or to keep flow of cattle consistent for the chute.

    By Linn Post & Pipe Supply Inc. based in Linn, KANSAS (USA). from Adjustable Double Alleyways Product line

  • GoBob CattleFlow™ - Cattle Working Diverter Chute

    Now here is a time saving, money making way to sort cattle. Say you are sending cattle up a loading chute or into a squeeze chute and a cow come through that you need to kick out or divert for another purpose. Handle the job easily and safely with Cattle Flow™ cattle working diverter chute.

    By GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales based in Mounds, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Cattle Working Diverter Chute Product line

  • Cattle Crowding Tub

    Heavy-duty 1-1/2 inch square tubing. Reversible entrance or stationary tub. Eight-foot sweeping radius. Spring-loaded crowding gate latch. 14 gate locking points. Heavy-duty towing hitch. Folds in half to six feet wide.

    By Stronghold Mfg., LLC based in Earlville, IOWA (USA). from Cattle Crowding Tub Product line

  • ArrowQuip - Simple Two-Way Cattle Sorting System

    Arrowquip's Q-Gate is designed to make your cattle handling system work for your operation. This two-way sorting race is spring-loaded for ease of use and makes for efficient cattle flow through your handling system.

    By Arrow Farmquip based in Tamworth, AUSTRALIA. from Simple Two-Way Cattle Sorting System Product line

  • Pasdelou - Model PG100 11 17 - Cattle Squeeze Crush

    When fitted with yoke PCCM, this crush has a road transport width of 3.15 m: this is achieved by removing the support arm and folding the baulk gates of the yoke PCCM. For transport by road, you must corder the cattle crush or mobipac warning markings kit containing lightsand reflective plates, code PG100 11 17 This kit also gives better warning ...

    By Pasdelou Galva based in COULANS-SUR-GEE, FRANCE. from Cattle Squeeze Crush Product line

  • Permanent Load Chute

    Solid sheet metal sides. HD construction. Rumber floor – better traction, quieter & Softer. Large Pivot for uneven trailer alignment. Man gate at the top of the chute. Driver’s side gate will block off cattle flow. Expanded metal catwalk. 32” inside width. 14” L x 66” W x 10’6” T

    By Blattner Feedlot Construction, Inc. based in Cimarron, KANSAS (USA). from Permanent Load Chute Product line

  • Filson - Switch Gate

    The Switch Gate, when added between the alley and tub can be used to divert cattle into a separate area for loading, etc. Weight 115 lbs

    By Filson Livestock Equipment based in Protection, KANSAS (USA). from Switch Gate Product line

  • Portable Loading Chutes

    A loading chute designed for cattle and large livestock. The primary framing on this chute consists of 1 1/2' 14-gauge square tubing with 16-gauge sheet metal sides. The floor of the ramp is constructed of 2' x 12' wood flooring with steel traction bars. A heavy duty tongue is made from 3' x 3' square tubing. It's one of only a few loading chutes ...

    By Te SLAA Manufacturing LLC based in Hull, IOWA (USA). from Portable Loading Chutes Product line

  • Model 1 - Research Feed Yard System

    Colorado State University Cattle Research Station (ARDEC). This facility is a good model for a small to medium sized feed yard handling system. The radius for the wide curved lane is 20-feet (6.5m). The solid sided wide curved lane hold approximately 50 cattle. Cattle move through the curved lane into the crowd pen. From the crowd pen cattle can ...

    By Grandin Livestock Handling Systems Inc based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Research Feed Yard System Product line

  • Morand - Complete Cattle Handling System

    Morand has been able to manufacture, field test, and improve on their cattle systems over the years. With lead up pens allowing you to gather cattle quickly and safely, into the 20'tub, you are able to guide them into the alley ways. An optional feature is the sorting gate coming off the tub, allowing you to sort your cattle to the alley way or ...

    By Morand Industries, Inc. based in Onoway, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Complete Cattle Handling System Product line

  • Model A/40 - A/45 - A/55 - A/65 - Self Loading Trailer

    Very Comfortable and lightweight machines with efficiency advantages over larger heavier models. Better performances, reliability and comfort with capacities of 15 m3, 19 m3, 23 m3 and 26 m3. With its adjustable drawbar this model can fit any tractor. This trailer is adapted to supply daily forage to cattle. Its functions are optimal in every ...

    By Macchine Agricole based in Roreto di Cherasco (CN), ITALY. from Self Loading Trailer Product line

  • Cattle Grids & Customized Steel Fabrication

    Whether you are a private individual, farmer or a commercial business we can cater for your needs - our range is unlimited.Railings, hand rails, load bearing steel beams, cattle grids, feeding troughs- we can turn your idea into reality or leave it to us and we will design your product.With our mobile welding service allows us to fit the steel ...

    By A & B Services(Scotland) based in Perthshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Grids & Customized Steel Fabrication Product line

  • Merritt - Livestock Trailers - Cattle Only

    Welded 3” I beam cross members coupled with “Super High Grip” diamond plate floors with unsurpassed diamond height and edge sharpness and you have the long-life, leak-resistant floor that Merritt has always been known for. Lower rear partition gate has been widened to 55' to help reduce bruising. You can operate the ramp lid with ...

    By Merritt Equipment Company based in Henderson, COLORADO (USA). from Livestock Trailers - Cattle Only Product line

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