Sea change - sustainable salmon-farming method approved



A new farming technique for Pacific coho salmon has received approval from a consumer education group that advocates for sustainable fisheries Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Farm-raised salmon has long been the poster child of unsustainable aquaculture practices. Issues of escape, pollution and inefficiency have plunged it deeply into the 'avoid' territory of environmental groups-until now.

In a report released January 14, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program is taking the unprecedented step of approving a particular method for farming Pacific coho salmon that is currently employed exclusively by the Rochester, Wash.-based AquaSeed Corp.

The sustainability nod from the consumer education group means that these salmon also will be assigned a green 'Best Choice' rating on Seafood Watch's Web site. The approval follows several months of intensive site visits by Seafood Watch scientists and reviews of the company's production facility, feed ratios, fish contaminant and pollution discharge levels, and more.

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