Sowing equipment in Australia

  • Chore-Time- DOSFLOW - Sow Drop Feeders

    The Chore-Time DOSFLOW Sow Drop Feeder accurately dispenses a pre-determined amount of feed multiple times per day to individual sows. Using the DOSFLOW Feeder to provide smaller doses of feed more frequently keeps food fresh and helps to enhance milk production for nursing sows. The feeder works in conjunction with many of Chore-Time’s ...

  • FANCOM FaroTek - Electronic Farrowing Sow Feeder

    Enable your farrowed sows to eat multiple times during the day with the new FaroTekg Farrowing Sow Feeding System. This FANCOM sow feeding system provides sows with individualized care in group housing: Track sows – gestation through farrowing. Use individualized feed curves. Maintain or improve body condition. Optimize piglet weaning ...

  • Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Efficient management is critical for the pig farms of the future. Managers need high quality, next-generation technology supported by field-proven software and hardware solutions as well as options for the future.

  • Silvan - Model SX - Fertiliser Spreaders

    Suitable for spreading a variety of fertilisers, salt and sand as well as sowing rice, wheat and other cereals.

    By North Queensland Agricultural Supplies (NQAS) based in CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA.

  • Physiostart - Mineral Fertilizers

    Mineral fertilizers having a starter effect at sowing – It exerts a biostimulating effect.

    By TIMAC Agro Italia Office in Caulfield North, AUSTRALIA. from Microgranular Fertilizers Product line

  • Bio Range SUPASOAK

    Contains non-ionic surfactant and naturals bio-degradants which can help improve water penetration in hard to wet soils during minimum tillage sowing.

    By Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser based in Perth, AUSTRALIA.

  • Air Seeders

    Watson Farm Equipment is proud to be an original partner in a consortium of local agricultural machinery manufacturers and farmers who developed the original Southern Air Seeder for sowing cereal and oilseed crops on raised beds. The Southern Air Seeder can sow cereal crops, including rice, oilseeds, lucernes and pasture seeds on raised beds and ...

    By Watson Farm Equipment based in Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

  • Airseeders

    Horwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Airseeders can: increase productivity improve sowing accuracy minimize capital investment minimize running costs Robust, low maintenance Airseeders offer precise seed delivery, even in the most demanding conditions. Maximise the benefits of timely and accurate sowing with a Horwood Bagshaw Airseeder to ...

    By Horwood Bagshaw based in Mannum, AUSTRALIA.

  • Comfort Sow Feeder

    Low-lip feed pan and hopper-gate provide extra length and square footage to farrowing crate. Provides comfortable space for sow to rest her head while lying down. Provides small pigs easy access to feed and water for heavier weanlings and better gain. Hopper is built into the gate panel, increasing aisle width by 8”. Wet/Dry feeding design ...

    By Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Farrowing & Gestation Equipment Product line

  • Sow Lift Crushed

    Prevents crushed pigs by elevating the sow while standing. A pedal-triggered air lift system raises the sow to 10″ above creep area when she stands up. Increases operational efficiency. Field experience demonstrates an increase in production of 7%, or 1.5 pigs per sow per year. Works in new or retrofit operations. Pneumatic, low-profile ...

    By Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Farrowing & Gestation Equipment Product line

  • Wet/Dry Sow Feeders

    Increase daily feed intake while minimizing wastage. Allows sows to choose between eating dry feed or mixing feed with water. Nipple placed low in feeder provides ample water with minimal wastage or accumulation. Adjustment slide feature controls feed flow and repeatability for individual sow’s needs. Sows return to estrus in 9% faster days, ...

    By Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Farrowing & Gestation Equipment Product line

  • Agrowdrill - Model AD320 - Seed Drill

    Maximise land utilisation with the AD320 Seed Drill. The rear wheel assembly allows the seed drill to sow right up to a boundary or fence line. This makes the AD320 one of the most efficient and versatile seed drill available

    By AGROWPLOW P/L based in Molong, AUSTRALIA. from Seed Drills Product line

  • Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader

    Big Dutchman’s new Bluetooth Electronic Sow Tag Reader is a new-generation reader and a remarkably handy tool to manage electronically tagged sows. The reader registers the sow number and transfers it wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The BigFarmNet app, available for Android and iOS, links the ear transponder number to ...

    By Big Dutchman Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Swine Production Product line

  • Claydon TerraBlade - Model M6 - Inter-Row Hoe

    The Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe is a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in combinable, band-sown crops. It provides an additional weapon in the agricultural industry’s weed control armoury at a time when the efficacy of some herbicides is decreasing whilst the cost of control is increasing. Band sowing at 30cm leaves a ...

  • Flexi-Coil - Model PD 5700 - Precision Hoe Drill

    With Flexi-Coil’s trademark flexibility, innovation and strength, the new PD 5700 precision hoe drill makes sowing and fertilising high-value, small-seed crops like wheat and canola more precise and efficient. Available in a choice of three working widths and folding into an industry-leading narrow transport width, the PD 5700 guarantees ...

    By Flexi-Coil based in St Marys, AUSTRALIA.

  • Synkro - Model T - Trailed Cultivator

    Three-gang trailed stubble cultivators - working width 4 to 6 m.

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in Campbellfield, AUSTRALIA. from Tillage - Stubble Cultivators Product line

  • Drill-Fill Augers

    The Grainline Drill-Fill is a cost effective, yet efficient method of filling either your Combine or Air Seeder by utilising your tipper. As sowing machinery has increased in size, so has the Drill-Fill’s length, capacities and design features. The Drill-Fill powered by a petrol engine provides a fully self-contained unit, incorporating ...

    By Grainline based in Wagga Wagga, AUSTRALIA.

  • Clean Seeder

    New 15 run seeder with roller and 3 point linkage. Individual spacing and seed distribution adjustments, paralelagram floatation for ground following abbilities. Excellent variety type trainling of crops and sowing spacings approximately 4'~100 mm. Suits most seeds/crops by changing seed drum and INTERCHANGING EXISTING sprocket for spacing of ...

  • Free Access Stalls

    Sows can move freely in the group but are fed in stalls. The HD Free-access stalls close automatically when the sow enters the stall and are again opened by the sow, when she wants to leave the stall.

    By Big Dutchman Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Swine Production Product line

  • Terradisc - Rigid Compact Disc Harrows

    Rigid compact disc harrows - 3, 3.5 and 4 m working width.

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in Campbellfield, AUSTRALIA. from Tillage - Disc Harrows Product line

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