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  • John Deere - Model 1026R - Compact Tractors

    John Deere - Model 1026R - Compact Tractors

    For a sub-compact, it’s unheard of. And unprecedented. The 1026R Tractor truly expands upon the notion on what a tractor this size can do. With hundreds of hours of customer feedback, the 1026R has the features this category has been demanding for years. Start with the power. The 1026R has 25.2-hp, three-cylinder engine, and a hydrostatic transmission. Both four-wheel drive (4WD) and power steering are standard equipment on the 1026R. Combined...

  • John Deere - Model 2000 Series - Compact Tractors

    John Deere - Model 2000 Series - Compact Tractors

    Effortless and natural. That’s what it feels like to get behind the wheel of our premium 2000 TWENTY SERIES Tractors. These compacts have the comfort and convenience features other tractors in their category salivate over: standard cruise control, Drive Over Deck, power steering, and an optional independent lift kit. Throw in durable “big-tractor” features like a full Category 1 three-point hitch and heavy-duty axles for higher loads...

Products by Bomford Turner Limited

  • Arm Mowers

  • MicroKlippa  - Arm Mowers

    MicroKlippa - Arm Mowers

    The MicroKlippa is very popular with estate managers and horticulturalists who admire the MicroKlippa's fine cutting capabilities when hedge trimming and the versatility of the right or left hand cutting. Features Include, 

  • Flail Mowers

  • Turbo - Model VM1600 - Flail Mowers

    Turbo - Model VM1600 - Flail Mowers

    The Turbo VM flail mower is specifically designed for verge mowing over long sustained periods.  1.6m and 2.0m cutting widths. Plus 90 deg to minus 50 deg cowl angling . Direct drive through twin pivoting gearboxes. 750mm offset. Cat II three point linkage. Front mountable.

  • Bandit  - Trailed Flail Mower

    Bandit - Trailed Flail Mower

    The Bandit trailed flail mower is aimed at professional users where efficiency and finish are a must. The Bomford Bandit mower range is built to withstand the toughest working conditions, but also simpler grounds maintenance and grass cutting, and it manages to remain manoeuvrable when mowing tight up to walls, so provides a professional finish both in tough conditions and when manoeuvrability is restricted . The flexible design of the Bandit allows...

  • Model CTVM - Flail Mower

    Model CTVM - Flail Mower

    Developed to meet the demands of local authorities for parks and municipal areas when grass cutting, the CTVM has a cutting width of 1.6m variable cutting height from 8mm to 130mm, a mountable kerb height of 355mm, sealed bearings, pressed scoop flails and weighs in at 300kg allowing the flail mower to work in different conditions, both on and off road. The new Bomford CTVM FLAIL MOWER has twin V belt drive and has interchangeable mounting arms to...

  • Toppers

  • Model RS - Rotary Slasher

    Model RS - Rotary Slasher

    The Rotary Slasher range offers uncompromising topping through simple robust technology. The mower is Suitable for grass cutting, sports ground topping and other similar tasks.

  • Model TB - Twin Blade Mower

    Model TB - Twin Blade Mower

    The new more robust Bomford Twin Blade is a flexible, efficient, in-line or offset topper. The Twin Blade grass topper is perfect for paddocks and headlands.

  • Model 1800 - Roller Mower

    Model 1800 - Roller Mower

    The Bomford Roller Mower is a grass topper designed with municipal areas, sports fields and fine-turfed areas in mind.

  • Model 3000 - Tri-Blade Mowers

    Model 3000 - Tri-Blade Mowers

    The Tri-Blade mowers are heavy duty and robust.  Three sets of newly designed heavy duty timed blades ensure strip free cutting, with adjustable cutting height of between 25mm(1') and 225mm (9') the Bomford Tri-Blade 3000 offers superb versatility, which makes them ideal for sports ground and field topping.  Driven through 1000 rpm independent gearboxes with rubber pto shaft couplings to offer further protection against debris impact the...

  • Bedding & Feeding

  • Sila-Bed Mower

    Sila-Bed Mower

    The Bomford Sila-Bed distributes the material for bedding quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. Available with 300 degree swivel chute or new side chute option for faster delivery of silage. The Sila-Bed's reversible conveyor is driven from a hydraulic motor through a chain drive. The blade-carrying rotor and paddle-turbine are shaft driven by the two speed gearbox. The straw is delivered into the rotor blades, cut and fed...

  • Heads

  • Pro-Cut - Head

    Pro-Cut - Head

    The Bomford Pro-Cut range is heavier duty and offers double helix shaft technology delivering up to 45% overlap of the flails and belt driven protection against unseen debris when close cutting in hedge trimming. There are interchangeable shaft options allowing speedy flail change times.

  • Rotary Head

    Rotary Head

    The Bomford Rotary head is ideal for longer material with a choice of Blade or HD chain cutting options, operating in either vertical plane or horizontal plane.Its 2.25m sq cutting area makes short work of even the most challenging of tasks

  • Ditch Cleaner

    Ditch Cleaner

    The Bomford Ditch Cleaner head is both compact, powerful and capable of operating in wet or dry conditions. The Bomford Ditch cleaner can be turned through 90 degrees and used to clean existing roadside 'grips' and can be changed from left to right operation in minutes with a choice of blades or cutting teeth. The ditch cleaner head comprises of a 660mm diameter rotary cutting head, that is powered by a multi-stroking radial piston motor. Depending on...