potato equipment near Algeria

  • Oculus Optical Sorter

    Oculus heralds the next generation in high performance, compact, optical sorters for washed potatoes. Optical sorting is driven by innovation, with camera and lighting technologies progressing quickly.

    By Sgorbati Group Office in Alger, ALGERIA. from Oculus Optical Sorter Product line

  • Synchron Sizer

    The Synchron Sizer is the result of years of research and steady development to improve the performance of screen sizing. Originally developed for use with onions and other bulbs, it quickly became clear that, with certain minor changes, the same principle would bring huge benefits to potato sizing as well.

    By Sgorbati Group Office in Alger, ALGERIA. from Synchron Sizer Product line

  • Gro-Stop - Model 100 - Growth Regulants

    A hot fogging concentrate formulation containing 300g/litre chlorpropham, (24.04% w/w) and dichloromethane, to prevent sprouting of dormant ware potatoes in store

    By Certis UK Office in Elche (Alicante), SPAIN. from Growth Regulants Product line

  • Fruit and Vegetable Sorters

    Made of stainless steel, Double transmission, Jumping-vibrator axle, Mesh sorter different in different sizes and measures, We currently have three models in various working widths: CMC-LT. CMC-ST (standard model). CMC-GD. Optional accessories: - Variable speed of the mesh - Variable speed vibrator - Double-axle Jumping-vibrator - Potatoes anti ...

    By LeonScal based in Sevilla, SPAIN. from Fruit and Vegetable Sorters Product line

  • GALAXY - Potato Harvester

    In 1990, we were the first to manufacture a 4 rows machine. Now in 2011 we haveagain achieved, being the first in manufacturing a 4 rows machine from another Galaxy. Because harvesting potatoes at 6 to 9 km/h leaving them on the floor as if they were placedone at a time that was out of this world!

    By LeonScal based in Sevilla, SPAIN. from Potato Harvester Product line

  • Electronic Sizers for Post-Harvest Machinery

    Our wide range of Sizers and our ability to adapt and customize these to customer needs, allows us to be at the forefront of the post-harvest machinery.

    By Tecnofruta based in Carlet, SPAIN.

  • Strensil - Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulant composed of glucosamine silicate, which improves the mechanical resistance of the vascular and epidermal cells of stems, leaves and fruit. This enhances their structural integrity and rigidity and results in stronger and more compact plants, with greater vigour, stability and appearance.

    By Lida Plant Research S.L. based in Almussafes, SPAIN. from Plant Biostimulant Product line

  • Agromaster - Model 0PD 2 & 4 - 4-Row Potato Planter

    4-row Potato Planter is produced with hydraulic lifting lever and universal three point linkage system. Sowing row space can be adjusted to sow 12 different positions by changing the transmission gears. And also this machine has a special belt with bucket that enables to sow singly. The spaces between rows are whether stable or can be adjusted ...

    By Agromaster - a Registered Brand of Atespar Ltd. Distributor in Las Pedroñeras, Cuenca, SPAIN. from 4-Row Potato Planter Product line

  • Potato Diggers

    Precision, easy to use and hight output. Potatoes digger JJ Broch are ideal for harvesting small and large areas due to their reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs.

    By J.J.Broch, S.L based in Arganda del Rey, SPAIN. from Potato Diggers Product line

  • JJ Broch - Cup Feed Potato Planters

    Accurate and homogeneous plantation for high productivity. The JJ Broch cup feed potato planters guarantee precision in the dispensing andositioning of the seeding potato thanks to its design and perfect performance in the field.

    By J.J.Broch, S.L based in Arganda del Rey, SPAIN. from Cup Feed Potato Planters Product line

  • Premium

    Irritec - Model P1 - Light Dripline with Flat Dripper

    P1 is the new multiseasonal product for drip irrigation in greenhouse and open field suitable for most crops. It is the light dripline of a new generation meeting the needs of the most advanced drip irrigation, fulfilling all the necessary requirements in terms of operation and ease of use. Produced by integrated-extrusion technology, it has ...

    By IRRITEC SpA Office in Carmona, SPAIN. from Light Dripline with Flat Dripper Product line

  • Premium

    Irritec - Model PowerTape - Drip Tape

    Dripline hose, the ideal solution for irrigation both in the open field and in protected crops.

    By IRRITEC SpA Office in Carmona, SPAIN. from Drip Tape Product line

  • Ilpersa - Classification Color

    Should it be wished to separate faulty products owing to colour differences, the vast range of “Anzai” selection machines enables us to find the equipment which is most appropriate for the work to be carried out. From channel machines to belt machines, with CCD cameras and high speed, we can treat your product from white rice, cargo, ...

    By Ilpersa based in Sueca, SPAIN.

  • HRS - Model BP Series - Low Shear Rate Piston Pump

    The HRS BP Series piston pumps are hydraulically operated positive displacement pumps that transfers mechanical energy as pressure energy. It is of a completely hygienic design, and incorporates a separator fitted between the piston and the hydraulic chamber to ensure that there is no contact between the product chamber and the hydraulic oil. In ...

    By HRS Heat Exchangers based in Lorquí - Murcia, SPAIN. from Low Shear Rate Piston Pump Product line

  • Premium

    TenCate - Crop Protection Fabrics

    TenCate is the technology and market leader when it comes to covering a valuable harvest. Our protection fabrics are used to cover sugar beets, straw & hay bales, compost, wood chips and also potatoes. Within these agricultural core markets we hold and continuously increase our absolute leading position and thrive to grow further within ...

    By TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv Office in Madrid, SPAIN. from Crop Protection Fabrics Product line

  • Rotary Drum Blancher

    The highly efficient Lyco Rotary Drum Blancher reduces processing times using less energy. Because of its unique, patented design, the Rotary Drum Blancher produces higher quality output in a smaller footprint than most other commercial blanchers. Vegetables, pasta, potatoes and dry beans are gently blanched, cooked or rehydrated to retain product ...

    By Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. Office in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Rotary Drum Blancher Product line

  • Model PKSP-25 - Potato Sorter

    Potato sorter is designed for receiving product from self-unloading vehicles, separating from admixtures of soil and plant residues, dividing the potato tubers in three fractions (forage, seed and food), manual selection of tubers that are out of condition and loading them into containers or vehicles. Potato sorter consists of receiving hopper, ...

    By Bobruisk Agromash Distributor in Monzón (Huesca), SPAIN. from Potato Sorter Product line

  • Model APN-6 - Cultivating Unit

    The cultivating unit APN-6 is designed for stubble cultivation, autumn fallow cultivation, autumn cultivation after harvesting maize, beet and potato, spring fallow cultivation as well as for fallow loosening for intermediate crop. The cultivating unit APN-6 is designed for work with a tractor of 5th drawbar category. The unit is provided with ...

    By Bobruisk Agromash Distributor in Monzón (Huesca), SPAIN. from Cultivating Unit Product line

  • AlmAqua - Starch Separator

    A starch separator is a device that is intended to separate and hold inside all starch and pourable materials generated in a kitchen, dining room, or any area where there arestarch. The Starch separators retain the starches and pourable materials that exist in the effluents from shelling machines potato and carrot. Our separators are manufactured ...

    By AlmAqua – Environmental Technologies based in Verdizela, PORTUGAL. from Starch Separator Product line

  • Crop Improvement Technologies

    Global demand of crops for food, feed and fuel is rapidly increasing due to several key factors as the increasing global population and changes in its nutritional needs, energy consumption, water and land resources scarcity and crop abiotic and biotic stress among others. Thus, it is necessary to keep investing research effort and economic ...

    By Iden Biotechnology based in Cordovilla, SPAIN.

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